What’s a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant to Do When the Attorney Catches You in a Mistake?

For years I’ve shared my morning tea time ritual with you and I can attest those calming minutes spent taking care of me have helped in many tough situations. As a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant you’re guaranteed to experience moments when you don’t know the answer or an attorney catches you in a mistake.

This is exactly NOT the time to sweat. It’s the time to call up the vast reservoirs of peace and calm you’ve painstakingly created through a morning ritual of centering yourself before an action-packed day. It’s not always easy to cloak yourself in calm, but we know the alternative – panicking in front of an attorney-client – doesn’t work.

30 years ago an attorney-client challenged something I said about a medical malpractice case. He was right and I was wrong. My fight-or-flight reflex wanted to kick in, but those calming cups of tea saved the day and the attorney never saw a bead of sweat. I responded with apologetic accountability, grace and confidence. I learned years later that the way I handled this potential disaster actually endeared me to him.

Attorneys should never see you frustrated, frazzled or sweat. Such demeanor never engenders confidence, and in fact, unnecessarily increases the stress levels of all involved. If you want to be a successful legal nurse consultant, start your day with a calming ritual and leave the sweating to your next CrossFit® session.

I’m Just Sayin’

P.S. Comment and share your best practice to avoid letting attorneys see you sweat.

2 thoughts on “What’s a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant to Do When the Attorney Catches You in a Mistake?

  1. How true that is. There are just times that our humanness reveals itself and we may as well embrace it. We often practice our triumphant happy dance and don’t prepare for that dreaded moment of our ability to error. Takes practice to be elegantly humble.
    Thank you, Vickie.

  2. Last week I did an oral report in front of my attorney-client. He asked me a question and I could only respond honestly, “I do not know, but I can research and find out the answer for you.” Then after the report I had to call his paralegal and let him know I discovered what I thought was a regulation was not. I was horrified, I thought I had all the bases covered and felt bad about it.

    I feel there is more value in being truthful than to not say anything about it. I would not want him to present that regulation in court and embarrass him or his firm. I would rather find the mistake and own up to it.

    The mistake the attorney made was getting me on this case two years after it had gone through court and other proceedings. He was satisfied with my report and had to change tactics on how to proceed with the case.

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