What Do Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Who Multitask Know That You Don’t?

I always start my day with a plan and usually before 9:00am I am busting that plan. Over the years I know I’ve wrecked more than a few of my executives’ days because my management style is dynamic and priorities change unexpectedly. I believe my job is similar to an emergency nurse – to triage company priorities every second of the day.

Finally Harvard Business Review (October 2011) has validated that I’m onto something. It turns out that the greater a person’s tendency and ability to multitask, the greater their ability to absorb and disseminate information. They also are less likely to bog themselves down in one task while neglecting other important tasks. And here’s what I like about the study – it states that “people with those enhanced tendencies make strategic decisions faster, thus boosting their company’s performance. They become superior information brokers, absorbing and disseminating more insightful information than their average counterparts.”

By multitasking, I’m not talking about doing two things at once such as reading email while you’re on the phone with an attorney-client. What I do mean is the ability to shift back and forth between projects and priorities at a second’s notice.

In today’s world, CLNC® consultants are faced not only with important cases and deadlines, but also with an onslaught of potential distractions such as email, texting, voicemail and social media. These distractions are just as much a part of your Certified Legal Nurse Consulting business as sitting down and writing that report for your attorney-client. Successful Certified Legal Nurse Consultants are able to go from one task to another and have the ability to fully concentrate on each task they are doing. We rarely get the luxury of long uninterrupted periods of work and accordingly, have to bring our full concentration to those periods we get – no matter how brief they may be. That’s where our agility in multitasking comes to the forefront.

Today, what will you be multitasking on? Or is the list too long to write down here?

Success Is Inside!

P.S. Comment and share whether or not your multitasking skills are up to the challenge.

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