Give Yourself a Pay Raise with a Part-Time Legal Nurse Consultant Salary

Give Yourself a Pay Raise with a Part-Time Legal Nurse Consultant Salary

Most RNs think they have no choice in whether they get a pay raise or not. That’s simply not true. You have more control over a pay raise than you think. Just don’t expect it to come from the hospital where you work.

When I completed my master’s degree in nursing I naively expected recognition and yes, even a pay raise for my commitment to expanding my RN knowledge. I enthusiastically approached my boss expressing interest in continuing to work at the bedside with patients and politely asked for a pay raise. My boss said RNs with master’s degrees don’t get anything extra for working at the bedside with patients. I was stunned and disappointed to say the least. No pay raise and no recognition for my efforts. Just more of the same – slogging through my RN job at the hospital.

I decided if the hospital wasn’t willing to give me a raise I’d do it myself. I got a job at a different hospital for a minor raise, only to learn this new hospital was no different in attitude. I realized that the best way to get a decent pay raise was to become my own boss and start my own business. That was the beginning of my 36 year adventure as a legal nurse consultant.

While you might not be ready to quit your day job, you can supplement your RN salary with a part-time legal nurse consultant salary. If you’re working 12-hour shifts, you’ve got four days/week to launch a part-time legal nurse consulting business.

Don Shula said “The start is what stops most people.” How much do you think not starting the CLNC® Certification Program cost the Certified Legal Nurse Consultants who waited? What is it costing you and what are you waiting for? Every day you delay you’re losing money and losing the opportunity to be truly free.

Success Is Yours!

P.S. Comment and share what’s holding you back from giving yourself a pay raise by becoming a part-time legal nurse consultant.

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