Successful Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Hang Where Attorneys Hang

Think of the one place lawyers are guaranteed to hang out – the courthouse. Schedule a trip to your civil courthouse and spend a few minutes or a few hours. It’s free.

As one Certified Legal Nurse Consultant says, “If you hang around the courthouse long enough someone’s going to ask who you are and what you do. You’ll meet so many interesting people, mostly attorneys, and all you have to do is talk to them to go home with cases.”

Attend a medical malpractice or personal injury trial. You’ll enjoy a free educational experience while identifying attorney-prospects. Write down the attorneys’ names – both sides. After the trial concludes, send handwritten notes to each. Include a congratulations to the winning attorney. A few days later, call the attorneys and educate them on ways you can help with future cases.

To identify which trials are right for you:

  • Go to the courthouse and pick up a schedule for trials going on that day.
  • Read the news with an ear tuned for highly publicized trials in your area.
  • Ask your attorney-clients to advise you of trials in which other prominent attorneys are involved.

Stalk (LOL) attorney-prospects. OK, I don’t really mean stalk, but you get the idea. Select an attorney-prospect you really want to work with and attend a trial to watch that attorney in action. You’ll not only learn a lot about courtroom procedure, you’ll come away with plenty of background information on the attorney which you can use to customize your marketing message.

Attend a trial on which you’ve consulted. By watching a trial from start to finish, you can observe what your attorney-client and the opposing attorneys do with the information you provide. You can use what you learn to your advantage in the next case. Seeing the big picture will broaden your vision and help you understand the legal process. The more you know about the attorney’s world the more comfortable and relevant you will be.

Attend a closing argument on one of your attorney-client’s cases that you haven’t consulted on just to show support. The attorney will notice and that’s free promotion.

Ride the courthouse elevators. More than one Certified Legal Nurse Consultant has found attorney-clients this way. Yes, the elevator speech you developed in the NACLNC® Apprenticeship can actually be used in elevators. 🙂

Hang where attorneys hang. It works. It’s free, and you’ll meet dozens of attorney-prospects.

P.S. Comment and share your favorite courthouse experiences.

2 thoughts on “Successful Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Hang Where Attorneys Hang

  1. Thank goodness.
    I have been sharing on various social media and directly with CLNC® consultants that it is safe to go into the “lion’s lair” (I mean that in jest). I became a member of my county bar association earlier this year. It has been an amazing move. I have been the only nurse/CLNC® consultant participating until recently when I convinced another legal nurse consultant to join me. We go to as many functions as possible, or more often go it alone and yes, our attorneys like to meet over the bubbly. Attorneys come up to me just to read my name tag and since it isn’t a legal firm, they are curious and interested to know what I can do for them – their epiphany! Some of course just walk away, but they still get a business card and a handout. This is great experience for honing your market skills and polishing your script. I could share more, but this is a blog, not a book chapter opportunity!

    The bonuses are huge. Great presentations, exposure, participation and generating curiosity about what we do – WIN/WIN. The reduced cost to attend as a member pays for the membership quickly. Most of the county chapters have monthly magazines. I have been asked to write about what we do and the cost to advertise in the publication is very reasonable. I mean really – what could be bad about being the ONLY legal nurse advertising in a legal publication?

    BTW, I met a number of judges and their judicial assistants, have circulated in the courthouse and I am building those relationships. In doing so, I took advantage of the opportunity to sit in on a two week PI case. I got a case.

    Vickie, I am so glad you brought this opportunity up. Since you have, it gives this marketing concept credibility. I am one of your intense followers, a baby bloomer that cannot embrace retirement (what, retire from nursing? no way, and I am eligible, trust me).

    Now the clincher, be careful what you wish for. I am solo – a real campaign in this arena takes legal nurse numbers to market at the professional caliber to make an impact. Vickie Milazzo Institute’s marketing model is brilliant. We need to follow it. One more thing, when I market, I share Vickie Milazzo Institute as my expert training source – great credibility. Not to mention, it is important to remember that we really are not solo – we are part of a huge directory of resources.

    I have actually been challenged by other CLNC® consultants in the rationale of my sharing the market with others. Really? Think strength in numbers. The number of case possibilities is limitless.

    So quit whining about not getting business – go where the business is and be fearless!

    Thank you again Vickie.

    1. Good response Linda, I enjoyed reading it.
      I agree with the idea that we are not alone. I am getting to know other CLNC® consultants in my state so I can subcontract with each of them. Competition is good to the point of keeping us on our toes. It is like Vickie says, “Subcontracting is a way to increase your income.” I like doubling the money when I am swamped. I learned to delegate a long time ago in nursing and it works well in the CLNC® consulting business unless a person is a micromanager or obsessive-compulsive.

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