Just DO It!

Marketing is one of the simplest subjects you will ever study. So, why do some people fail miserably at it? Because they just don’t do it.

Wayne Gretsky, the famous hockey player, once said, “You miss all the shots you don’t take.” These words of wisdom apply as much to marketing as they do to hockey.

The easy part of launching your Certified Legal Nurse Consultant business is developing your marketing plan. But a plan without action won’t get you attorney-clients. Develop a plan, set measurable, results-oriented objectives and target dates, then act on it.

For example, if you set a goal of marketing to five attorneys each week, you can meet that goal without accomplishing any results for your CLNC® business. Instead, set a results-oriented objective for your CLNC® business, such as marketing to a minimum of five attorneys weekly until you get a new attorney-client. This results-oriented objective not only propels you to act, but requires you to act until you achieve the desired result for your legal nurse consulting business.

Most people know what they need to do, they just don’t do what they know. Get out there and just DO it!

Success Is Inside!

P.S. Tell me just one results-oriented action step you’ll take this week for your CLNC® business.

4 thoughts on “Just DO It!

  1. I am attending The Legal Project awards dinner tomorrow night, and I’m not leaving without 5 business cards!

  2. We have had some nasty storms in our coastal region of SW Washington. As a means of retying the connection with my clients I had a brain storm (no pun intended!). I put together several small containers for the staff in case they were caught at the office when the power went out. Small items such as candles, lighter, rain poncho, snacks, puzzles/soduko, etc in a small bucket. I attached my business card with ribbon to the handle, and included a card with my sentiments. I know I’ll be on their mind this winter!

  3. I just returned from the CLNC® 6-Day Certification Seminar in Las Vegas…FUN!!! One of the speakers told a story of asking a banker if they knew any lawyers. Well…my husband had to go to the bank so we skipped the drive through and I went in as well. While we were waiting, I remembered the story…Guess what!!! I promise this is the honest truth…the banker said, “yes, I do” so I told her of my new CLNC® business (yes, I’m still on my revival high) and she said I could call the attorney and use her name as a referral! I have never even seen that particular banker before and she was willing to go to that length to help me?!?!? See..just like they said…it WORKS! Now for the appointment and follow up 🙂

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