3 Questions for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Guaranteed to Work with Attorney-Clients Every Time

The more the attorney talks, the more likely you’re going home with a case. Ask these three questions guaranteed to get attorneys talking:

  1. What’s the most difficult case you’re litigating? The answer can provide fascinating information about the attorney as well as the case, so listen carefully. Comment with relevant and surprising insights. Show interest by asking additional questions. Mention a similar case you consulted on as a CLNC® consultant so the attorney understands just how valuable an asset you can be.
  2. Do you have any cases where the statute of limitations is about to expire? A case with a statute about to expire shoves the attorney up against a time constraint and missing a significant defendant is a grave mistake. Point out how you can help to ensure all defendants are identified timely. Explain how your knowledge of the hierarchy within the healthcare system and your understanding of all of the healthcare providers qualifies you to provide this important CLNC service to attorneys.
  3. Do you have any trials coming up soon? A trial means pressure. Probe to find the pressure point and offer ways you can relieve some of that pressure. Share ways you help your attorney-clients at trial that this attorney-prospect may have never thought of such as developing tough questions to pin down the opposition.

Attorneys love to talk, especially about their cases. So go ahead, ask these three questions and get the conversation started.

I’m Just Sayin’

P.S. Comment and share the questions that get your attorney-prospects talking every time.

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