Never Let Your Attorney-Clients See You Sweat (or Bleed)

I love ballet and modern dance. Alvin Ailey is one of my favorite dance troupes and last night I got to see them in all of their glory! Their style, energy and creativity is simply unmatched in the dance world.

What Alvin Ailey and all dancers do is incredibly difficult. Their feet can be bleeding but a professional dancer has to keep a smile on her face. No one is supposed to know how much pain a dancer is in. The ability to perform a job without letting others know how difficult the job may be is a characteristic of highly successful people and especially successful Certified Legal Nurse Consultants.

Steve, my financial director at Vickie Milazzo Institute, is a great example of this. He handles everything from software upgrades to balancing the Institute’s books all with grace and aplomb. You’d never know that he’s in the middle of a horrible day. I joke with him that he’s like a good ballet dancer. There are days I know his feet are bleeding and everyone else at the office doesn’t have a clue.

The next time an attorney-client asks, “How you are doing?”, the smart Certified Legal Nurse Consultant never answers, “I’m getting over a migraine” or “I was up all night trying to wrap my brain around this case to meet your impossible deadline.” Instead, smile and say, “I loved working on this case. What’s the next one you want me to get started on?”

Never let an attorney-client see you sweat and never tell them how badly your feet are bleeding – not if you want them to give you the applause of their repeat business year-after-year.

I’m Just Sayin’

P.S. Comment and share how you keep your attorney-clients from seeing you sweat.

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