Make Your Certified Legal Nurse Consulting Marketing Plan Accountable to You

A marketing plan without accountability is not much of a plan and is unlikely to get you the attorney-clients you want for your legal nurse consulting business. Accountability is the muscle in your marketing plan. Making a plan without accountable goals is like grabbing for a fistful of rain.

For example, if you set a goal of marketing to five attorney-prospects each week, you could meet that goal without accomplishing any results for your CLNC® business. While this goal sounds like a good objective, the objective of simply meeting the goal is in no way accountable to you and your CLNC® business. Instead, you must develop an objective that is accountable to your legal nurse consulting business. That means developing an objective that reaps a result.

Here’s one example of an accountable objective, “I will market to attorneys to obtain one new attorney-client each month.” This results-oriented objective not only propels you to act, but requires you to act until you achieve the desired result. While you’re setting up your accountable objectives, attach a target completion date to each objective and hold yourself accountable for hitting it.

I teach that during the first 30 days of your CLNC® business the most important thing to do is take action every day to create the habit of acting on your business, but beyond 30 days it’s a mistake to think that just taking action is making progress. The savvy Certified Legal Nurse Consultant knows that when your actions meet accountable objectives you’re truly making progress. Make sure you’re one of the CLNC® consultants taking action, making progress and not just making plans.

Success Is Inside!

P.S. Comment and share your results-oriented objectives for your Certified Legal Nurse Consultant business with your CLNC® colleagues.

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