Certified Legal Nurse Consultants: It’s Time to Raise Your Fee

Here in Houston we’re being held hostage by United Airlines. If I didn’t have the means of escaping the city by Greyhound, I’d be ready to file a claim of false imprisonment. Ever since United merged with Continental ticket prices have gone up dramatically, as much as $300 a ticket in some cases. I might not mind if I was getting an extra $300 worth of service. I’m not even talking a comfortable seat, a clean blanket or a ripe banana. I’m talking about courtesy and getting there on time and with my luggage. Instead, I’m getting the same old bad experience and paying more for it. The only certainties in the whole mess are that airfares will go up and quality of service will continue to go down.

I recommend that all Certified Legal Nurse Consultants raise your fees 3-5% annually with your attorney-clients. But, unlike the airlines, I also recommend that when you increase your fee you also increase the quality of your CLNC® services.  The key is for your attorney-clients to feel that they’re getting a better and richer experience and higher quality work product from you in return for those increased fees. The first time I raised the rates on my favorite attorney-client I fretted and worried over how he’d react. He just looked at me and said, “Well Milazzo, you’ve got to make a living too.” Then we went to lunch (I bought).

People, even attorneys, are willing to pay more when they get more.

I’m just sayin’,

P.S. Comment and share how you feel when you pay more for less.

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