5 Tips for How to Become a Part-Time Legal Nurse Consultant

A unique benefit of becoming a legal nurse consultant is that you can do it part time. Whether you are looking to supplement your current registered nurse salary or eager for the opportunity to be your own boss, starting part time allows you to steadily build your legal nurse consultant business and establish your nursing expertise with attorneys.

As an RN, you’ve already undertaken one of the most stressful and challenging jobs in the world. As a legal nurse consultant, you’re building upon your existing expertise as a registered nurse. You have the foundation – now is the time to add the getting started part.

We realize you have limited time. Add onto that, your commitments, both personal and family, and it would be easy to talk yourself into thinking it just can’t be done. Below are 5 tips for how to become a part-time legal nurse consultant.

The most exciting thing is watching that balance grow in my bank account. I can hardly believe it’s real – $142,000.00 – and I achieved this working just part time.

Lynn Hydo
New York

1. Develop Systems

Working as a registered nurse, you are acutely aware of the importance of having effective processes and systems. You’re also aware that when these systems are clunky and time-consuming, patients can die. Systems are just as important in becoming a part-time legal nurse consultant. Legal nurses should establish their own business systems for handling day-to-day consulting projects. Everything from which apps help you to be effective on the go to how you will address attorney emails. Systems guarantee that you’ll be more effective within the hours you do have available.

2. Be Ready to Network

To become a part-time legal nurse consultant you must be ready to network and pitch your legal nurse consulting services in all situations to maximize opportunities. Attorneys are everywhere and you never know where you might run into one. All successful legal nurse consultants are masters of networking. For more resources on networking check out: 25 Ways to Network Yourself to Legal Nurse Consultant Success and Make Your Connections Count: 10 Things to Know About Successful Networking.

3. Build Your Professional Profile

Most people have Facebook or Twitter accounts and both can be useful forums to meet people. LinkedIn is also an acknowledged business network for most professions. Having a thorough and engaging profile highlighting your nursing background, the types of services your legal nurse consultant business offers along with your full contact information gives you a strong professional gateway for connecting with attorneys on all types of social media. Learn how one Certified Legal Nurse Consultant uses the power of LinkedIn here.

4. Ask for Referrals

Word-of-mouth referrals are the most powerful marketing strategy for becoming a part-time legal nurse consultant. Every attorney knows more attorneys and when your medical-related case reports surpass expectations, that word of mouth spreads fast. The perfect time to ask for referrals is when your attorney-client raves about your work product. Even a simple “Do you know any other attorneys who might need a similar service?” can open new doors for your part-time legal nurse consultant business.

5. Be Creative

With limited time, you need to get creative. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. There are many Success Stories from registered nurses just like you who have turned their part-time legal nurse consultant jobs into amazing, successful careers. You’ll discover the creative and unique approaches they used to build their businesses. With our legal nurse consultant mentoring and your nursing expertise, getting creative can be the key to your legal nurse consultant success.

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