5 Leadership Qualities for How to Become a Legal Nurse Consultant

Leadership is an important qualification expected for RNs learning how to become a legal nurse consultant. If you don’t yet own your own legal nurse consultant business, you might not think of yourself as a leader. But you are.

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To get through a single 12-hour shift leadership is a qualification registered nurses are called on to use daily. RNs lead other registered nurses, LVNs, patients, family members and physicians in the care and treatment of patients. The RN’s leadership on the healthcare team often means the difference between life and death for patients.

Watch the video above and read 5 leadership qualities for how to become a legal nurse consultant below:

Leading Attorney-Clients

Attorneys don’t possess your nursing knowledge and expertise. They need your leadership to understand the medical-related complexities of the case. Plus you have the inside information about the healthcare system and knowledge of electronic medical records that no attorney or even physicians can ever achieve. To successfully lead attorneys and gain their trust you must not only be an expert on the issues in question, you must also be articulate and bold in your analysis and presentation.

Leading the Cases

An important leadership qualification for how to become a legal nurse consultant is to lead the cases you consult on. Your verbal opinions and legal nurse reports help focus the attention of all the parties (both plaintiff and defense) on the relevant issues and case facts. The legal nurse consultant can influence the opposing attorney to agree to a favorable settlement or persuade the jury toward her attorney-client’s position.

Leading Subcontractors and Employees

You may not lead legal nurse employees immediately in your consulting business, but you’ll certainly lead legal nurse consultant subcontractors. Leadership with CLNC® subcontractors means communicating responsibilities, deadlines, expectations and budgets. Leading the quantity of the output and the quality of the work product is an essential role in leading subcontractors to attain consistent delivery of quality and service for your attorney-clients.

Leading Other Members of the Litigation Team

Legal nurse consultants lead graphic designers and the preparation of demonstrative evidence, working with tampering specialists and liaising with expert witnesses. For example, thanks to the legal nurse, the attorney knows to address a fact in the electronic medical record that was missed by an expert and the expert is never the wiser for it. Leading other members of the litigation team is a leadership quality for how to become a legal nurse consultant that is refined as you become more experienced.

Leading Self

If you don’t manage and lead yourself who will? Certainly not the attorney. The attorney expects that you already know what you’re doing because “consultant” implies, as Webster suggests, that you “give professional advice.” Lack of personal leadership is one of the primary reasons consultants don’t achieve the success they desire. To lead the case, the attorney, subcontractors and other members of the litigation team, you must lead and manage every aspect of you and your legal nurse consulting business.

Leaders command authority and influence. The legal nurse consultant’s influence is stronger in medical malpractice and personal injury cases when leadership skills are exercised in every aspect of communication and work product.

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