4 Easy Steps for Clearing Out the Clutter to Gain Maximum LNC Productivity

4 Easy Steps for Clearing Out the Clutter to Gain Maximum Legal Nurse Consulting Productivity

This week I’d like to challenge you to ask yourself, “Is it time to clear the physical clutter?” You can get so busy with attorneys and your legal nurse consultant jobs that you’re not even paying attention to all those stacks of paper (medical records, research and standards) that are piling up around you. But they’re there, on your desk, in your workspace and eventually inhabiting all your ancillary spaces.

The problem with physical clutter is that it leads to mental clutter which in turn decreases legal nurse consulting productivity. Physical clutter impacts the ability to think straight and stay on point with complex legal nurse consultant jobs.

If you’re ready to clear the clutter for maximum legal nurse consulting productivity, get started with these four easy steps.

  1. Clear the decks. If you come into my office you might think I’ve got nothing to do, when in fact the opposite is true. That’s because you’ll find that my desk is clear of everything except the project I’m working on. Everything else is stacked on credenzas and elsewhere – but never on my desk. And, while you’re at it, remove all those tchotchkes you’ve accumulated over the years. Those toy trolls and cute, dancing frogs may make you smile, but they’re taking up valuable real estate you need for work space. Move them off your desk and to a different location if you can’t live without them.
  2. Pile it on. When you are working on a complex legal nurse consultant job, piles of medical records, research and authoritative journal articles will accumulate, but that doesn’t mean they have to take up residence on your desk. Sort and label your piles into categories for easy retrievability. Every minute you spend searching for a document is a minute lost forever. Store the piles upright in folders on your credenza. They’ll be there when you need them and won’t interfere with your work when you don’t.
  3. Shut it down. I’ve got huge dual monitors hanging over my desk. When I start a project one of my first steps is to close my email client and I mean close, not minimize. That way there’s no little pop-up every time a juicy, distracting message drops out of cyberspace into Vickie space. I’ll leave Word® open because I’m constructing a document and possibly my Chrome® browser for research – but nothing more.
  4. Purge! Yes, it can be tough to purge, but if you purge decisively and without attachment every three months, you won’t find yourself staring at a 2007 JAMA article and wondering why you still have it. Purge the junk. You’ll create the space for relevant files and increase your legal nurse consulting productivity while you’re at it.

You have to set the stage to give your legal nurse consultant jobs the attention and focus they deserve. What clutter do you need to clear out? If you’re one of those highly organized (dare I say OCD) Certified Legal Nurse Consultants who keeps everything organized from the start please share your strategies. If you’re not, try removing the physical clutter and you’ll marvel at how that clears the path for achieving maximum legal nurse consulting productivity.

Success Is Yours!

P.S. Comment and share your tips for clearing out the clutter to increase your legal nurse consulting productivity.

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