The Question for Legal Nurse Consultants Is Not How to Find Attorneys But What to Do with Them

The Question for Legal Nurse Consultants Is Not How to Find Attorneys But What to Do with Them

A common question I receive from RNs interested in becoming Certified Legal Nurse Consultants is “Vickie, how do I find attorneys?”

The question is not “How do I find attorneys?” because attorneys are everywhere. There are 1,819,134 attorneys in the United States and 40,000 more graduate every year. The more important question is “What do I do with attorneys when I find them?” Whether you’re networking, exhibiting or interviewing with an attorney, it’s how you handle the opportunity to convey what you can do as a legal nurse consultant that matters.

Here’s an assignment for all Certified Legal Nurse Consultants. Go back to the Core Curriculum for Legal Nurse Consulting® textbook and focus on the Marketing Module and the Interview Module. If you’ve attended the NACLNC®Apprenticeship as a CLNC® student, I want you to go back to the Marketing Apprenticeship Program and recommit to the 90-day marketing plan you developed.

The next time you’re in front of an attorney ask yourself, “Am I doing what Vickie said to do?Are you doing one thing every day to acquire attorneys? And once you’re in front of an attorney, are you using the strategies you’ve learned to articulate the benefits of your legal nurse consulting services and how your nursing expertise matches the attorney’s needs?

Finding attorneys is not the hard part – it’s what you do with them when you find them.

Success Is Yours!

P.S. Comment here and share what you do with attorneys when you find them.

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