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Tom’s Tech Tip: Online Problem-Solving for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

The other day I was beating my head against my keyboard trying to solve a formatting problem in a document I was creating. After 20 minutes of no results and with daylight rapidly burning and frustration rapidly increasing, I resorted to Word®’s Help function. I don’t have to tell you that I found no joy there. Help is often hit or miss and that day it was certainly missing.

In a final act of desperation I turned to my favorite tool, the Internet. Performing a real-language search for what I was trying to do immediately turned up a website with not only the correct answer but a step-by-step tutorial that solved my problem instantly. That’s just one site, there are lots more just waiting for you to stumble upon them.

There’s no reason for any Certified Legal Nurse Consultant to run headlong into a dead-end while preparing work product for your legal nurse consulting business, and you don’t have to throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care. Instead, take a deep breath and ask the Internet the question you’re trying to solve. Type it out in the same language you’d ask if you were talking to me in my office or over the phone. If you can ask a question, you can get an answer. I guarantee it.

While there may be a few unanswered questions in life, there are many, many more that have been answered and you only need to, as my brother-in-law says, “use the googler” to find that answer. What are you waiting for?

Keep on Techin’,

P.S. Comment here and share how you solve problems searching the Internet.

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