How to Obtain Your Next Legal Nurse Consulting Job Through Vickie Milazzo Institute’s Social Media

I regularly post new litigation trends on Facebook®, Twitter®, LinkedIn® and Google+® for all Certified Legal Nurse Consultants. My goal is for you to get your next legal nurse consulting job by researching and contacting the attorneys engaged in that new litigation.

I also welcome CLNC® consultants who are seeking expert witnesses and CLNC subcontractors to post on my social media. I want you to network with each other to grow your CLNC businesses. If you’re the legal nurse consultant responding to a Facebook request for a subcontractor or expert, you will want to respond with specificity.

As an example, one Certified Legal Nurse Consultant posted, “I am in need of a CLNC consultant to be a testifying expert in a pre-eclampsia/eclampsia case from central Ohio. Please contact me at your earliest convenience as this case will be going to trial soon.”

The first Certified Legal Nurse Consultant to respond described her qualifications and her willingness to travel. She also included her contact information. There were other responses that were more along the lines of “I live in Ohio!” and “I’m a nurse midwife.” and, my favorite, “I’m available for subcontracting.” (with no specialty or contact information). Which of these CLNC consultants would you contact?

The key to obtaining your next legal nurse consulting job through social media is to market your unique selling position (USP) specifically, not just jumping up and down, waving your hands and shouting “pick me, pick me.” Trust me on this, that strategy didn’t work in high school gym class and it won’t work in social media marketing either.

I have thousands of friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, etc. My friends can be your friends too.

I’m Just Sayin’

P.S. Comment and share how you market your CLNC business using social media.

2 thoughts on “How to Obtain Your Next Legal Nurse Consulting Job Through Vickie Milazzo Institute’s Social Media

  1. I would pick the one with contact and specialty information. I love your humor, Vickie.
    Thanks for the tips on social media which I haven’t done yet (not hooked up). My kids were blown away because I had to get a smart phone and started texting them. I love it.

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