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Thoughts for Success: Everything Is Marketing

Being at the American Association for Justice Annual Convention this week has been a great reminder that everything in business is marketing and marketing for CLNC® consultants means going where the attorneys go.


Attorneys go to legal conferences and this exciting convention is proof that there is no better place to market your CLNC business than at a convention center filled with trial attorneys. After seeing how attorneys responded to Vickie Milazzo Institute’s NACLNC® Association exhibit and the Certified Legal Nurse Consultants who were present, all I can say is if you’re not exhibiting, you’re missing an important marketing strategy.

I’m Just Sayin’

P.S. Comment and share your exhibiting experiences.

5 thoughts on “Thoughts for Success: Everything Is Marketing

  1. This was an exhilarating experience for me. Loved it!!! The best contacts, the best Mentoring, Evie was the best. Got at least 8, yes 8, real contracts plus about 40 more.

  2. Vickie, lesson learned. I did not exhibit last year and sorry I did not do it. I agree that exhibiting is a very important marketing strategy. I exhibited this year and find it is worth the investment. I had a lot of fun.
    As a consumer, we all like to see the real person behind the offers and what we are buying into. It is the best way to get the tough law firms to notice you.
    Now, I am diligently working on follow-ups.

  3. I have been back one week from exhibiting at AAJ and started following up on all my contacts. Thus far I have gotten a med mal case and consulting on a mass tort. The one-to-one mentoring and exhibiting at a national legal conference was invaluable. This is hands-on learning on how to market yourself and your business. Thank you, Vickie.

  4. I had an AWESOME first time exhibiting! I went to 2 conferences in July and was a little nervous. I had an 8 foot tall pop up sign and a tablecloth with my information. At the top of my sign was a nurses cap and it drew attorneys to my booth. They told me that ‘legal nurses are hard to find’ and ‘I need a nurse’ and they shared some of their cases with me as well. All I had to do was stand and greet the attorneys when they came into the exhibit halls at breaks, etc… I had small first aid kits for my give away – with my labels and info on them – I had to go back to get more two different times! The conference director told me that a child had fallen and scraped his knee and was wailing – she remembered that ‘the nurse’ had first aid kits at her booth and she got one and fixed him right up!
    AND best of all – I was the ONLY nurse at both conferences : O )

  5. Brenda, congratulations for exhibiting. You were very useful with the free first aide kits. I hope you get a bunch of cases.

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