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Thoughts for Success – Passion Is a Way of Enjoying Everything to the Fullest

I’m Italian, so passion is wired into my DNA. I’m passionate about everything I do. When passion is a way of life it gets you through the boring tasks and projects, making it easier to not give into the tedium. Yes, I’m often tempted to take a break to clean toilets or iron clothes instead of writing a report.

I don’t like everything I do in my legal nurse consulting business, but everything is so much easier when I passionately embrace it, whether I’m feeling passionate or not.


Try being Italian for a day. Put more passion into your life – it just might work for you and your CLNC® business. 🙂

I’m Just Sayin’

P.S. Comment and share your experiences with embracing passion in your daily life.

One thought on “Thoughts for Success – Passion Is a Way of Enjoying Everything to the Fullest

  1. Every time I run into my nursing colleagues, they ask about my CLNC® business. They have a hopeful look on their face, appear run down, and anxious. By the time I am through telling about how Vickie Milazzo has changed my life, they look stunned and state, “You seem to have passion about your business.”

    One nurse was asking the cost to get started. I replied, “Remember how much money it took to start your furniture business?” I then told her the difference of starting a CLNC® business compared to any other services or retail. She smiled and said, “You have given me something to think about; would we be competing against each other?” I let her know how competition is good for business.

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