My Contributions to Texting Shorthand – WDYT?

I love texting. A friend of mine is so funny that just one simple text makes me laugh so hard that it’s the highlight of my day. But do you have any friends or Certified Legal Nurse Consultant colleagues who are “serial responders” eliciting the “Oh, not again! ☹” response? Serial responders respond to every text, every “thank you,” “you’re welcome,” “yes” and “no.”

Serial responders aren’t as bad though, as group texters. “Groupers,” as I call them, include you in a group text with a bunch of other people you don’t even know. You respond to your friend’s text and suddenly, WTF? Your smartphone is acting like it’s possessed – rattling itself around the table like those old wind-up teeth while pinging away nonstop. Yep, all 150 others in the group text are responding too! For the first hour or so everyone is on topic. But soon the original purpose of the group text is lost and the next thing you know, you are being subjected to comments, questions and messages that have nothing to do with the original purpose. That’s when you end up learning a lot more about someone’s pap smear results or their expert witness than you ever, ever wanted to. The worst part – you can’t escape until the thread dies off.

Please allow me to contribute a few new phrases that CLNC® consultants can add to their texting lexicon. For the serial responders of the world, how about “NRN,” short for “no response needed.” Next time I send a text, legal nurse consulting related or not, that doesn’t require a response – I’m putting NRN at the end. The next contribution is “DNR” short for “do not reply” followed by “DNRA” which means, you guessed it, “do not reply again.”

For the group texters it’s simple, “LMOOH” for “let me out of here” and “STMS” for “stop texting me silly.” Need I say more?

I’m Just Sayin’

P.S. Comment and share your favorite or most-needed texting shorthand or just DNR – the choice is yours.

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