Are You Making Legal Nurse Consulting Decisions By Yourself?

Every Certified Legal Nurse Consultant makes decisions – daily, weekly and hourly. When we worked in the hospital setting many decisions involved matters of life and death. You may not think of the decisions you make for your legal nurse consulting business as a matter of life or death, but that’s where you could be wrong.

The question I pose to ensure you make more decisions of life, rather than death, for your CLNC® business is this: “Are you making decisions by yourself?” When you make a decision by yourself, you choose to be the judge of the situation and your response. Facts are neutral and are simply facts in a given situation. It’s our interpretation of facts that gives rise to judgment and decisions. In other words you judge that situation based on your limited experience and, rightly or wrongly, set rules on how to react to that situation.

If you’re coding a patient, that might be a time to fall back on your nursing experience, but in your legal nurse consulting business this could create problems in how you advise an attorney-client on your medical-legal cases. It can also create bad decisions for your CLNC business in general, especially if you are a beginner.

Any time you find yourself in fear of, or challenged by, a decision remember to use your CLNC Mentoring benefits. I don’t know why, but it sometimes seems that the Certified Legal Nurse Consultants who need mentoring the most use it the least. You don’t have to make difficult decisions by yourself. Unless, of course, you’re resuscitating me – then by all means go with your judgment and experience. I’ll mentor you later!

I’m Just Sayin’

P.S. Comment and share how mentoring has impacted your CLNC business.

2 thoughts on “Are You Making Legal Nurse Consulting Decisions By Yourself?

  1. The LegalNurse.com CLNC® Mentoring is worth its weight in gold for my business. The result is having satisfied attorney-clients. I appreciate having such a valuable support system that can get back with me within 24 hours. I do not feel like I am facing challenges alone. Thank you Vickie for pioneering this field of nursing and giving me the opportunity of a lifetime.

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