What Gifts Have You Received Today? What Gifts Have You Given Others?

As Certified Legal Nurse Consultants we give and receive in many different ways and our rewards are boundless. We receive numerous gifts each day – a smile of appreciation from an injured plaintiff or the gift of time with your family thanks to your legal nurse consulting business. Anything that brings lightness to your heart is an invaluable and immeasurable gift.

The gift is even sweeter when you’re the giver. The more we give of ourselves, even in the smallest way, the more we are rewarded.

The next time you find yourself in a dark mood, ask two simple questions: “What gifts have I received today?” Notice even the small gifts and count your blessings. Next ask, “What gifts have I given to others?” Commit to a conscious intention of giving in three small and unexpected ways each day.

Asking and answering these two questions just might turn your day around.

I’m just sayin’

P.S. Comment and share what gifts you have received and what gifts you’ve given today.

5 thoughts on “What Gifts Have You Received Today? What Gifts Have You Given Others?

  1. The gift I give today is compassion and hope. A smile to a hurting patient goes a long way to giving something money cannot purchase. The gift I have received is encouragement. Knowing others have gone before me in this endeavor and seeing the number of attorney-clients that need my services is the boost needed to continue doing something everyday.
    Having a positive attitude really is contagious!

  2. The Christmas season was special to me and my family. I texted my daughter-in-law with compliments special to her about how awesome she is and I am fortunate to have her in my family. The in-law may wonder what you think of them and never really know unless you tell them. I make sure they know. I gave words of encouragement and love which does not cost a thing and goes a long way. I know I am loved and appreciated by family and friends.

    This CLNC consulting business taught me to appreciate others special to me. I recently talked to an attorney we both discussed our businesses and family. I felt he had an sincere interest in me as a person and the need for my services.

  3. The best gift I received this Christmas was to give my sister 45.00 dollars so she could buy her grandchildren presents to open Christmas eve before they went to their Mother’s . Christmas eve after the 5 yr. Old and 3 yr. old showed me their gifts , and my sister’s joy shared with the kid’s was the best gift ever. My prayer’s for the new year are to be able to afford LNP certification to advance from RN.

  4. Today I gave love and commitment and the gift of service to my family and their friends. I received love and appreciation in return.

  5. The blessings of the season abound and the promises of the future are delightful to unwrap. Yesterday I was walking through Old Town Temecula (CA) and happened upon Wag Again K-9 Rescue run by Deborah Holland. I learned about the recent rescue of 60+ dogs from a hoarder home (people who mean well but fall short on delivery). I asked how I could help—Yep you guessed it, I went home with two sweet little boys, a 2yr old Jack Russel and a 4 month old puppy (just guessing at their ages). I also volunteered to help at adoption fairs on Fridays at the Farmers Market near my home. If you have room in your heart and home, think about becoming a foster home. Volunteering is a great way to shower the world with love. Whether it be human or canines. The boys are delightful and loving and were a hit at the senior center day care when I dropped Mom and Dad off for their afternoon card game.
    It will be a toss up as to who gets the most – the unconditional love of a pet is a wonderful thing.
    Since I retired from hospital nursing and will soon begin home health nursing I look forward to having the option to help others on my own schedule. Thanks Vickie and the CLNC® Certification Program for giving me the option.

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