The Answer to Your Legal Nurse Mentoring Questions May Be a Google Search Away

The Answer to Your Legal Nurse Mentoring Questions May Be a Google Search Away

Tom’s favorite search tool is Google. My favorite search tool is Tom! Every day VMI fields questions from CLNC® consultants that are easily found through a quick Internet search. Thanks to Tom I have become a master at searching out the most arcane facts from the furthest reaches of the Internet. Tom uses a variety of search engines, constantly juggles and refines search terms, and even uses whole sentence searches. If you want to know what species of monkey is endemic to Canada, he’s the one to ask.

If I need a restaurant in Oslo or Poughkeepsie, he’ll not only find me a local review and suggestions on which species of sea urchin tastes best in October, but ferret out the name of the fisherman who sold it to the restaurant. Al Gore may have invented the Internet, but Tom is the one who has harnessed its power for the good of Vickie-kind. I may be exaggerating a little here, okay I’m exaggerating a lot. But with a little bit of mental sweat you can search as well as Tom.

There’s a wealth of medical, nursing, state and federal resources out there. You can learn about who can report Medicare and Medicaid fraud, what’s new in healthcare regulations and find answers to all sorts of questions simply by putting Google to work for you. Before you take the time to fill out that mentoring request to learn the standard of care just do a quick online search. The Institute frequently answers mentoring questions that could have been answered with a simple trip to Google. Get the most out of your CLNC Mentoring by doing your search before you request mentoring. What’s good about this habit is you will expand your knowledge and at the same time learn you can answer many of your own questions.

I always tell new CLNC consultants that, “We won’t do your work for you” and we won’t. The CLNC Mentors are here to be your coach and to guide you on how to do the work, handle your CLNC business and to answer your questions (things you can’t necessarily find online). Don’t use the mentoring process to replace the thinking process. You’ve been trained to think critically as a nurse, you do it on the job and you do it naturally. Apply the nursing process to the legal nurse consulting process and you’ll come out a winner.

There’s a world of knowledge out there. Use it and use it wisely. Educate yourself and your attorney-clients. But, like Tom says, “Search smarter, not harder and don’t depend on Wikipedia unless you want to be roadkill on the information superhighway.”

Success Is Yours,


P.S. Comment on one interesting search you’ve done recently keeping in mind this blog is rated G.

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