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Thoughts for Success: There’s Nothing Cool About Having to Be Cool

Having to be cool can get in the way of success. I’ve never been that cool, but I have been successful. That’s why I believe there’s nothing cool about having to be cool.

Thoughts for Success: There’s nothing cool about having to be cool.

Consider how the desire to be cool can be a recipe for disaster. Children make bad choices all in the name of being cool and the result can be anything from early pregnancy to alcohol, cigarette and drug use. I know of a legal nurse (not a CLNC® consultant) who’s known for high heels, low-cut blouses and bar-hopping with attorneys. I’m sure she believes she’s cool and she might even be fun. While I do say “Hang where the attorneys hang,” her strategy isn’t at all what I mean. When those same attorneys she bar-hops with are looking for a professional legal nurse consultant they bypass her and choose a less cool Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. Someone they know they can rely on for more than a fun night out.

My dad loved his job and loved his boss. Today such an attitude is not considered cool. Instead it’s cool to dislike and complain about the hours, the boss and, if you’re a CLNC consultant, the attorney-clients who pay your bills. The desire to be cool can lead to disrespect, apathy and the failure to achieve the success or advancement you desire.

I for one gave up “cool” decades ago. I prefer acting on my goals. Think about it – if you start losing important attorney-clients because of a desire to be cool, just how cool would that be?

There’s nothing cool about being cool. Trust me on this.

Success Is Yours!

P.S. Comment and share how you stay cool by not being cool.

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