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Thoughts for Success: TGIT – Thank God It’s Today!

TGIF? Yes? After all, today is not just any Friday, it’s the Friday after Christmas and for many of us that means a five day weekend. It doesn’t get much better than that!

TGIF? Not for me – though I do love Fridays, I’m more of a TGIT kind of gal. Thank God It’s Today.

I’ve come by this philosophy honestly. Since I own my business you’d think I never have to work a weekend, but I do. I work 14-16 weekends a year with the Vickie Milazzo Institute’s Legal Nurse Consulting Certification Programs, not to mention all the Saturdays and Sundays I wander into my home office to catch up on email and business projects.

Thoughts for Success: TGIT – Thank God It’s Today!

I’ve learned to take joy where I can get it – to be in the moment whatever day of the week it is. How about you? Is it TGIF or TGIT?

I’m Just Askin’

P.S. Comment and share whether you’re a TGIF or TGIT kind of person and why.

One thought on “Thoughts for Success: TGIT – Thank God It’s Today!

  1. I am a TGIT person. Everyday counts toward reaching my goals as a CLNC Consultant. I may take a day off on Sunday, but sometimes there is so much to do and get done to meet deadlines. I never feel bad putting many hours in the CLNC Consulting business, because it is worth it.

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