Use Your Energy to Master Your Cravings – Before Your Cravings Master Your Energy

We celebrate staff birthdays once a month at Vickie Milazzo Institute. We used to gather in the conference room, light the candles on a big cake (23 employees eat a lot of cake and no, it wasn’t stale white cake) and sing a bad version of “Happy Birthday” to those whose birthdays were being feted. Cakes don’t tempt me much, so I easily passed up a slice. When I’m working I keep sugar and processed carbs out of my diet. I find my mind is sharper and my energy stays high. Instead, I eat lots of veggies and protein (which increases focus and awareness). Do I need to mention starting my day with two cups of healthy green tea and ending it with a small amount of healthy red wine?

Then for my birthday, the staff surprised me by abandoning the cake and bringing Red Velvet cupcakes from Crave Cupcakes, a local bakery. After the first bite of icing I was hooked. Now cupcakes are staples at all of our planned (and sometimes spontaneous) celebrations and I’m right in there indulging with everybody else.

One day we celebrated a special event with cupcakes and champagne, and by 2:30 that afternoon the resulting sugar comas had the office looking like naptime at a children’s daycare center, myself included.

My point today isn’t to hook you on cupcakes (although I’m craving one right now), but to remind you that your sugar cravings may not be all that good for you while you’re working. Just like you can’t feed a thoroughbred horse a steady diet of potato chips and expect him to win the Kentucky Derby, you can’t feed your body a steady diet of sugar and expect your mind to perform at its best.

I’m not saying that as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant you can’t have the occasional cupcake, but if you want to perform at your peak, don’t make it a part of your regular diet or day. If you can’t resist the craving you may as well buy some extras — they do make great gifts for your favorite (or not) gatekeeper or attorney-client and will make the entire law office look forward to your visits!

Success Is Inside!

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