Make These 5 Promises to Unleash Your Legal Nurse Consulting Dreams

Make These 5 Promises to Unleash Your Legal Nurse Consulting Dreams

What would your life look like if every moment of it was absolutely enriched, fulfilled and swelling with joy? Think about it – your health, relationships, career, spirituality and finances are the best they can be and you greet each day with energy and enthusiasm for whatever comes your way. What would accomplish that?

I discovered the 5 Promises in 1982 when I faced the reality that I was unhappy with the direction my life was taking. It wasn’t easy after putting hard work into becoming an RN, earning my bachelor’s degree, my master’s degree and working six years in the hospital, to find I was extremely disappointed by the career choice I had made. I’d gone in wide-eyed, thinking I could make a difference, even improve the state of healthcare, only to bump up against the reality that no matter how hard I worked, my efforts would never make a dent, much less an impact. I was also moving far too slowly toward financial success, and I was forgetting what it was like to have fun with my nursing job at the hospital.

A quick look at my nursing colleagues who had been in nursing for 20 years or more showed me that my future held more of the same. Not that they weren’t trying really hard, but their passion for nursing had died. I could see that my passion was starting to die too and wondered if I might not be wasting my potential. I decided to start my own business as a legal nurse consultant.

Einstein said you can’t solve a problem with the same mindset that created it. I knew whatever mindset got me into nursing school was not the mindset I would need to start my legal nurse consulting business. So I committed to 5 Promises. These promises became the 5 Promises I have continued to renew daily for almost three decades, and which changed not only my nursing career but my entire life.

Look for each of my 5 Promises in my next 5 blogs.

Success Is Inside!

P.S. Comment and share what you believe it will take for you to unleash your legal nurse consulting dreams.

3 thoughts on “Make These 5 Promises to Unleash Your Legal Nurse Consulting Dreams

  1. It took me BELIEVING and not just SAYING that I was a CLNC® consultant and could do ANYTHING to begin to unleash my success. Sure, I was inspired by Vickie daily during the CLNC® course, but getting my first case made all of the difference. It was an optometry case and I have a critical care background. Really, could I do it? Well, I wasn’t going to tell the client “no.” I knew that I had thousands of CLNC® consultants to subcontract to. I just took a positive attitude and a systematic approach and was able to discern the information important to the case. After I compiled the screening report and reviewed it with my client I personally unleashed the beginning of my success. It’s onward & upward, and never looking back!

  2. I have been certified for 7 months and I have committed to doing something for my business each week. I am on the last steps of the origination phase. I am finalizing my business plan and making my follow up calls for my recent attorney office visits. I am excited to be making actual footsteps towards my CLNC® business. I can’t wait to see what is around the corner.

  3. During the first day of the CLNC® Certification Program in Atlanta, I looked around me at the attendees in the large room. I wondered if anyone was thinking what I was thinking. I longed for a purpose and a reason to feel connected to nursing. I wondered if anyone else felt like me, empty inside because of unfulfilled hopes and dreams that my nursing job could not fulfill.

    When Vickie took the stage that first day, she shared the 5 Promises that were the foundation of her belief in herself. But the words that have stuck with me all through my entrepreneurial venture have been, “I promise you.” Vickie said these words several times before the first break and I jotted two of the promises down on the inside cover of the Core, “I will show you how to interface with the legal system,” and “This will be a relationship and a partnership.”

    I now own and operate a legal nurse consulting business. Wow! I became a CLNC® consultant after I passed the CLNC® Certification Exam, but just like Caroline, somewhere along the way I believed it. So far, I have only scratched the surface of this newly created passion for nursing.

    My legal nurse consulting dreams are unleashed, but now, I have to wrangle them in and work on focus. Thanks Vickie for allowing us to grab onto your hopes and dreams as our paths crossed.

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