Keep Your Legal Nurse Consulting Reports Real

Keep Your Legal Nurse Consulting Reports Real

When you’re writing reports for your attorney-clients’ medical-related cases, one of the most important principles, no matter the size or type of report, is that if you provide theory, you are sure to provide application also. In other words, the theory must not only relate to the case, but you must explain the actual application of the theory to the case at hand. Theory alone is not enough. Keeping your reports based in the “real world” will make the real attorneys you consult with really appreciate you and your legal nurse consulting reports.

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  1. I keep my reports “real” by stating my conclusions as if I were speaking to the attorney/client face to face. I accomplish this by utilizing simple, “down to earth” terminology emphasizing the logic of my findings to the attorney/client. Additionally, I attempt to anticipate potential questions he may pose after reviewing the report and to address those issues during the course of my report. Attorney/clients appreciate the address of those “anticipatory” questions as it saves the attorney/client from having to spend time on the phone with me following receipt of the report in order to clarify such issues.

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