Free Marketing and an Attitude of Gratitude Will Boost Your CLNC® Business

Free Marketing and an Attitude of Gratitude Will Boost Your CLNC® Business

Every day at our Chicago CLNC® Certification Seminar, the housekeeper left a handwritten thank-you note on my pillow. With that little note, she received a pay raise. The money I was leaving for a tip doubled after that second note. Her simple act of gratitude for a small gratuity led to a larger gratuity.

This week, make it your goal to send three handwritten, attitude-of-gratitude notes every day. Send thank-you notes to:

  • Attorneys you’re currently consulting with.
  • Anyone who has helped you get those attorney-clients.
  • Inactive attorney-clients for their past business.
  • Your CLNC® subcontractors who have helped you on cases.
  • Anyone else you can think of who helps to make your CLNC® business easier to manage and more profitable.

This is a powerful marketing tool that will reap big rewards for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants and everyone else. Think about the last time you received a personalized, handwritten, thank-you note from someone. Didn’t it make much more of an impression on you than a thank-you email? In a world where technology rules, it’s the simple handwritten thank you that will stand out and stick in the recipient’s memory.

At the Institute we post all the handwritten thank-you notes and cards we receive on the bulletin board in our lunchroom. That way, all the staff can share not only the sentiments of the author, but also the pride the recipient feels in being recognized.

Handwritten notes are not only a great way to demonstrate how much you respect the professional relationship, but are also a great way to retie connections with attorney-clients, subcontractors and vendors. Your personal message reminds attorney-clients of the work you’ve done for them in the past and of the relationship that you share. Even a little 4-sentence note may open the door for additional business!

Every CLNC® consultant should have a box of high-quality note cards. Embossed with the name of your legal nurse consulting business isn’t required, but go ahead and spend the extra money for good quality paper and presentation. It’ll be worth it.

Send thank-you notes for the next thirty days and watch your CLNC® business soar along with your attitude of gratitude for all of the new cases you are receiving.

Success Is Inside!

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P.P.S. You can even reinforce your thank you notes with a special thank you video
for those extra special occasions like this one.

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  1. Vickie, thanks again for inspiring nurses. Your book Flash 55 Free Promotions – 55 FREE Ways to Promote Your CLNC® Business – simple, a fun read and it works!

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