Legal Nurse Consultant Reviews

You became a registered nurse so that you could help others. Unfortunately, the work isn’t exactly what you had hoped it would be. Your days are now filled with stress, 12-hour shifts and little appreciation from the doctors with whom you work.

These successful Certified Legal Nurse Consultants share how you can chart a better life for yourself, while still being focused on helping others. Gain control of your lifestyle and schedule, freeing you up for the most important things in your life. Gain respect and be appreciated by the attorneys, organizations and families with whom you’ll be interacting. And finally, achieve the financial freedom you deserve.

When I was in transition from part-time to full-time last year, my legal nurse consulting revenues were $85,000. This year I hired my first employee and I massively exceeded my goal of grossing $200,000.

Suzanne E. Arragg

Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Reviews