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Within 5 Weeks of Becoming Certified, Liz Marriott, RN, CLNC, Already Has Her First Legal Nurse Consultant Job*

Video – Liz Marriott, RN, CLNC

Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Liz Marriott RN, CLNC received her first legal nurse consultant job within five weeks of achieving her CLNC Certification.

Congratulations to Liz Marriott for taking one action step a day toward obtaining her first legal nurse consultant job in just 5 weeks.

In this video, Liz shares the strategy she attributes to her success in obtaining legal nurse consultant jobs. “The most important thing I’ve done to get cases is to do what Vickie says – that is to do something every day, even if it’s little.” Every day Liz sends a couple of emails to attorney-prospects or makes new connections with attorneys on LinkedIn.

She isn’t sitting at home and waiting for attorneys to come to her. Liz is actively pursuing them. She communicates the services she offers as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant and explains how she can help them win their legal cases. Attorneys are listening and responding proving that even small actions can have big impact.

Liz’s closing comment brought a smile to my face, “Just listen to Vickie. Listen when she says do something every day, just do it and you’ll end up with a case.” Off camera, Liz shared her fee of $150/hour and commented, “Attorneys don’t even bat an eye.”

Congratulations Liz!

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