CLNC® Success Stories

I mailed out my first 20 promotional brochures, and three days later I received a call from a highly respected attorney who hired me.

With the Institute’s “Nurses Can Do Anything” Philosophy, I Achieved My CLNC® Dream

by Dawn L. Bruni, RN, MNSc, APN, CLNC

I learned about LegalNurse.com and the CLNC® Certification Program from a nursing colleague. Desiring a career change after 26 years of clinical and educational nursing, I ordered the CLNC Certification Program, completed it in one month and passed the Certification Exam.

Motivated by the Institute’s “We Are Nurses and We Can Do Anything!®” philosophy and the inspiring CLNC Success Stories, I set up my home office, established my fee schedule, built my website and was ready to start my CLNC career. Initially unsure of my future success, I planned to continue my clinical work while I learned the CLNC business.

I mailed out my first 20 promotional brochures, and three days later I received a call from a highly respected attorney who hired me. My attorney-client was pleased with my work and complimented me for doing a great job.

My biggest surprise came on a break during a deposition. The opposing counsel approached me to ask for my business card and to see if I would review a case for him.

Since then, I have received dozens of referrals from my attorney-clients. I am amazed how willing attorneys are to refer you to their colleagues when they are pleased with your work.

Thank you for giving me the knowledge, encouragement and confidence to achieve my dream of creating my own successful CLNC business.

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