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Anyone taking the CLNC Certification Program can quickly earn back its cost many times over, even working only a few extra hours a month. I did.

I Gained by Investing in My Future as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

by Donna du Bois, RNC, MPH, CLNC

Several of my coworkers took the CLNC® Certification Program and raved about it. All are now Certified Legal Nurse Consultants making good money consulting. Two were near retirement and needed additional income to continue their comfortable lifestyles. They are both retired and now earn more than they ever did in their regular jobs.

The program seemed expensive to me, and I decided I didn’t need it. Then out of the blue an attorney’s office called to ask if I would review some cases. His staff had seen my name on a website and realized from my credentials that I had the long term care expertise they needed. I didn’t have a clue what to charge, but the legal nurse consultant hiring me was kind enough to tell me what other consultants charged. I realized I loved working on medical-legal cases, but in order to continue, I needed to know more.

I am certain those two cases would have been my last cases with this attorney if I hadn’t enrolled in LegalNurse.com’s CLNC Certification Program. He simply would have stopped using me, and I never would have known why.

I purchased the CLNC Certification Program and took the Institute’s valuable advice. I quickly learned the value of contracts. In my excitement at the attorney’s call, I accepted two assignments without a contract. I could have put in hours of hard work and never been paid. The Institute’s program provided sample contracts I could easily modify for my needs.

Before becoming a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, I knew I had expertise in one nursing field, but the Institute showed me how to apply my expertise to a multitude of different types of cases. I would never have had the confidence to diversify or even thought to attempt it without her training.

The CLNC Certification Program is so comprehensive, it’s worth years of college education. I was never too tired to listen because the presentation makes the information interesting and relevant to my needs. The CLNC Certification Program gave me all the tools I need to succeed as a CLNC consultant. The sections on marketing, business development and report writing are worth the cost, not to mention the legal background essential for legal nurse consulting. I have never had a course with more useful information. Nothing is left to chance.

I am now confident in my ability to succeed as a full-time, self-employed CLNC consultant. For now, I prefer to keep my job and consult part time. I plan to retire from nursing home investigation in five years. Thanks to the Institute’s program, I know how to market, and I’ll have a significant client base established by the time I choose to retire.

Anyone taking the CLNC Certification Program can quickly earn back its cost many times over, even working only a few extra hours a month. I did. I recommend taking the program before you start consulting to avoid making mistakes that could cost you money, clients and your reputation.

As my coworkers tried to tell me, the CLNC Certification Program is an investment in my future, not an expense. I’m so excited about my success I want to share my enthusiasm.

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