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I care more about who I am, and every day I believe more in what I can do for my attorney-clients and their clients.

I Accomplished My One-Year Legal Nurse Consulting Goal in One Day of Exhibiting

by Tina J. Little, RN, BS, MBA, CLNC

The Monday after I completed the CLNC® Certification Program, I started setting my marketing goals. During my first year as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, I wanted at least five cases. I wrote that down in my marketing plan.

I discovered that a local trial lawyers’ association was having a conference. I wrote to ask if I could exhibit. That was scary, but I put myself out there, remembering that a CLNC consultant is an attorney’s “secret weapon.”

At the lawyers’ conference, I approached attorneys and talked about my specialty, trauma. I’m an ED nurse, plus I have 27 years as a paramedic. That combination of experience gives me a unique insight. As it turned out, I met an attorney who had come to the conference looking specifically for a CLNC consultant with a background in emergency medical services and trauma. I left the conference with six cases.

My first case was exciting because it called on all my trauma background. A man developed chest pains at a ball game. The EMS team walked him down two flights of steps, and when he got to the bottom, he went into cardiac arrest. Although I started my CLNC business hoping I could work on the defense side, advocating for nurses and other healthcare practitioners, I understand that mistakes are sometimes made. That was the situation here. The patient died due to overexertion of the heart. Using my nursing and paramedic background along with my CLNC training, I helped the attorney build his case.

Becoming a CLNC® Consultant Changed My World

Being a CLNC consultant has changed my emotional, mental, physical and spiritual world. I care more about who I am, and every day I believe more in what I can do for my attorney-clients and their clients. I feel I have so much to give to this profession. And I’m doing what I love.

I set my own schedule. Being my own boss is incredibly affirming. As nurses, we take what’s available. As a CLNC consultant with a trauma specialty, I control which cases I choose to work on and who I choose to work for. My CLNC income in the six months since I became certified has been amazing.

One attorney did tell me I charge too much. I said, “I hope you find somebody to help you, but she won’t be as worthy as I am.” He chuckled. About two weeks later, he called back and asked if I would work on his case – for my usual fee of course.

Sometimes I’m still scared, but I keep putting myself out there, taking risks and telling myself I can do this. I help attorneys win cases. And the Institute was right – I’m their secret weapon.

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