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Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, Georgette Peterson got her first legal nurse consultant jobs through an attorney on LinkedIn.

CLNC Georgette Peterson Shares How She Got Her First Legal Nurse Consultant Jobs Through Social Media

Video – Georgette Peterson, RN, CLNC

Georgette Peterson, RN, CLNC got her first legal nurse consultant jobs with a large law firm thanks to social media and her aunt who was watching a TV news program. The aunt saw a story about an attorney who was handling three obstetrical cases and shared the attorney’s name with Georgette, who resourcefully researched and found him on LinkedIn.

She then emailed the attorney about how her 30 years of obstetrical experience could benefit him. The reply was a disappointing “Okay,” but to Georgette’s surprise, he emailed her months later requesting her to call. The call led to an interview with that attorney plus five other attorneys from the same law firm.

During the interview the attorneys presented a fetal monitor strip (FMS) and asked, “Is the baby dead or alive?” Within minutes Georgette pronounced the FMS indicated the baby was dead. Her answer stirred up a heated discussion between the attorneys. Two of the attorneys asked, “How do you know?

Georgette explained the rationale for her opinion. Two hours later and close to noon, the attorneys invited her to lunch. Georgette wondered if they were planning to pick her brain for free advice. Remembering the legal nurse consulting principles and practices she learned in the CLNC Certification Program, Georgette replied, “Thank you. Let’s discuss my contract first.

The attorneys asked her fee and she confidently replied, “$125/hr.” The attorneys talked among themselves and responded, “Okay – send us your contract.” Following this single interview, the law firm has kept Georgette loaded with a variety of legal nurse consultant jobs.

Georgette’s experience with her aunt reminds us of the importance of telling friends, family members and social media contacts what you do as a legal nurse consultant. They’ll look out for you and can network with attorneys on your behalf.

When Georgette walked into the interview and faced six attorneys, she knew she was about to be tested. Congratulations Georgette for interviewing successfully with not one, but six attorneys.

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