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I think it’s a lot easier to present myself now because I have the experience under my belt. The referrals from other attorneys are the best. When an attorney-client calls another attorney, that’s golden.

Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Patrick Stonich Reveals How Putting Himself In Front of Attorneys Is the Secret to His Legal Nurse Consulting Success

Video – Patrick Stonich, RN, BSN, BS, CLNC

Vickie: This is Patrick Stonich, Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. Patrick, I know that you went through LegalNurse.com’s CLNC® Online Certification Program. You and I were visiting and you were sharing some of your experiences and successes with attorneys. I’d love for you to share your story with other CLNC consultants.

Patrick: My biggest thing was taking that very first step. It was a big confidence thing. I had to go back to my first nursing days of knowing what I wanted the answer to be before walking into the attorneys’ offices and making the phone calls.

Vickie: I always say to draw on those past successes as a registered nurse. Nurses do so much. They save lives, seconds can make a difference in outcome. When we walk into an attorney’s office we need to remember that about ourselves. And you drew upon that.

Patrick: I did. And also being a man, coming in as a nurse they always think differently because we’re so used to other people coming into that nursing setting. That was one of the biggest things I drew off of, my teaching back in nursing school where they said, “Never say this is the first time doing something.” That was something you taught us in class as well – you always have the experience and you always go off your past experiences and be super confident of knowing the answers.

Vickie: We all have these concerns about something getting in our way. But it’s simply a matter of pushing through that and not letting it stop us, not letting it be an obstacle. You got in front of these attorneys, so tell us a little bit about some of the successes and some of your experiences.

Patrick: The initial ones were “Why do I need a nurse?”, “What do you do exactly?”, “What’s our benefit?” and “What makes their job easier?” The answer is that we can do everything. We can map out the timeline we’re going to do, when they need it and set up expectations right in the beginning, so that there is no mystery to what we do as legal nurse consultants.

Vickie: It’s about relevancy, your unique selling position (USP) and what you can do for that attorney. It’s not just about you and your experience, but instead it’s about how you’re going to benefit that attorney.

Patrick: Correct. They always look at their perception and how people were going to look at their practice and how you’re attached to it. So it was a big selling point that I kind of sit in the background, if they need more of me they ask. I don’t want to be too pushy, but pushy enough to where they know that I’m present, but not overbearing.

Vickie: What’s been your experience? Are you enjoying this process?

Patrick: I love it!

Vickie: What do you like most about it?

Patrick: It’s infectious. Once you start working on cases you really get involved. But you have to put some time limits because you can go way overboard and be too involved on some of the cases. I think it’s exciting. It’s something that’s always changing. Each case is always different.

Vickie: Every case is unique. Are you finding that as you first got started, the more you got into legal nurse consulting and the more attorneys you’re consulting with, that it feeds itself and you’re getting referrals and more cases?

Patrick: Yes. I did three cases right off the bat after exhibiting at a legal conference. It was a great experience meeting the attorneys. You can get a little overwhelmed because you feel popular after exhibiting. Those first couple of cases I definitely went overboard, but the response was great afterwards. I kept getting cases. Most of the first cases became repeat clients immediately.

Vickie: You’re pointing something out that I’ve noticed with a lot of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants who are quickly successful – they put themselves out there in front of the attorneys. One of the things I’ll notice is that after the CLNC Certification Program the CLNC students sometimes act almost as if they’re expecting the attorneys to contact them. You have to go to the attorneys. That’s one of the definite characteristics that I notice in all successful CLNC consultants. They get themselves out there in front of the attorneys.

Patrick: Right, you have to. If you wait for them, they’re never going to pick up the phone and call you. They need the constant reminder, again politely in their face. That constant contact with them is the way that it’s successful for me.

Vickie: What’s different for you? What shifted for you now that you’re a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant?

Patrick: I think it’s a lot easier to present myself now. It’s because I have the experience under my belt of consulting on cases and going to depositions and trials. You just keep building off of that experience and getting more and more confident each time. The referrals from other attorneys are the best. When an attorney-client calls another attorney, that’s golden.

Vickie: And the more cases you consult on, the more you’re going to get referrals from attorneys.

Patrick: I totally agree.

Vickie: Thank you so much Patrick. I appreciate you being here with me today.

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