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The NACLNC Apprenticeship put it all together and showed me how to market, interview with attorneys and write actual case reports. Receiving hands-on experience helped tremendously in activating my 90-day marketing plan.

Success and Time with My Children Are Possible as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

by Arnita Christie, RN, BSN, MS, CLNC

Arnita Christie

I transitioned from bedside clinical nursing into sales with the last eight years in pharmaceutical sales. But I always wanted to be independent and own my own business, while being able to spend more time with my children. I’d seen LegalNurse.com’s advertisements in the nursing journals for many years, and I believed the CLNC® Certification Program would give me the chance to achieve my goal of owning my own business. I wanted to learn from the pioneer so I would be totally comfortable with the attorneys’ language and my responsibilities as a CLNC consultant.

I enrolled in the CLNC Certification Program and the NACLNC® Apprenticeship. I received a great deal of information, and the NACLNC Apprenticeship put it all together and showed me how to market, interview with attorneys and write actual case reports. Receiving hands-on experience helped tremendously in activating my 90-day marketing plan. Within two months, I had my first case, a workers’ compensation case.

With the CLNC Marketing Templates I Was Ready to Get Started on Day One

What helped me succeed was really listening to the Institute’s advice about developing a plan, writing down goals and taking an action step every day. I also prayed a lot.

When I completed the CLNC Certification Program, I looked at my 90-day marketing plan and said, “I need to do something every day.” First, I sent out more than 150 emails to everyone I knew. I explained that I was a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant and asked for attorney referrals. I received numerous responses, and I began working on those referrals.

My CLNC Marketing Template materials were right there for me so I was able to begin marketing immediately. Not having to create and design my promotional package saved me many hours and thousands of dollars.

Next, I went online and researched the various attorney referrals I’d received. Then I did what the Institute taught me: I practiced in front of a mirror, I practiced in front of my kids and in front of my husband. I picked up that phone and I called the attorneys to request an interview. I ended up with a couple of phone conversations and four attorney appointments.

The CLNC® Mentors Guide Me Every Step of the Way

With my CLNC training and my nursing experience, I’m able to review and analyze a medical chart, and provide my attorney-clients not only with information about what’s in the chart, but also with information about what’s missing that they might not notice. I absolutely recommend the CLNC Certification Program to anyone even thinking about reviewing medical cases or working with attorneys. This program is designed specifically for us. You have to be a nurse to appreciate that. LegalNurse.com’s education and the CLNC Mentoring Program made launching my CLNC business achievable for me.

Attorneys speak a different language than nurses. So I wanted a support system, and the Institute’s program provides me with that. I use the CLNC Mentors in all parts of my business, from my television interview to my first case, to any new hurdles. The CLNC Mentors gave me suggestions about what to review before the TV interview and they have coached me on every aspect of my cases. I haven’t taken a step without them. Having the CLNC Mentoring I receive as a VIP is priceless.

My next step will be offering my services as a speaker to the state bar association. I plan to inform the attorneys about new trends affecting their cases from the medical perspective and the resulting pitfalls their clients may face. This will give me a platform for describing my CLNC services and showing how I can assist on their legal teams in dealing with these issues.

I Can Advocate for Patients and My Children at a New Level

One of the best things about my CLNC business is helping. Even as a little girl, I wanted to help people. My mom said that if I saw a tattered doll, I’d try to fix it or put a Band-Aid® on it. That helping spirit is inside me. Now, I help people in a different way. As a bedside nurse, you’re a patient advocate. As a CLNC consultant, I’m able to support my attorney-clients while upholding the standards of care for nursing.

The best personal benefit of becoming a CLNC consultant has been finding balance in my life. I’m the proud mother of two small children, and it is important to me to be active in their education and after-school programs. Working 50 to 60 hours a week, whether in nursing or in pharmaceutical sales, did not allow me to do that. When you have children, balance is essential – not just working all the time – because you cannot get back the years of their youth. Today, I’m a full-time Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, and I’m able to participate in my children’s lives. That’s what having my own CLNC business has provided me. Just as important as being there for my family, I can also help pay the mortgage.

Thank you for everything.

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