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Legal Nurse Consulting Rejuvenated My Relationship with Nursing

by Cynthia S. Bune, RN, CLNC


I suddenly realized the love affair I had with the nursing job that I held so dear to me had come to an end. The differences were dividing our relationship between personal values and corporate goals. I knew that I was growing and had to move on.

One of my favorite things to do as an RN was to dig in the charts of my complex patients. I found myself time and time again presenting information that many of the other healthcare professionals had no idea even existed.

It became very clear; those who took LegalNurse.com’s CLNC® Certification Program and did what was taught found success! The Institute shares everything; they hold nothing back.

I had been interested in legal nurse consulting for some time. I’d received information on LegalNurse.com’s CLNC® Certification Program years before. As so many of us have done, I did not “see the forest for the trees,” I just kept on working as I was the sole breadwinner for my family of five. The subject of what I was going to do for myself came to mind constantly. Much to my dismay I realized I was losing a grip on my nursing career. I only had one thought of what I wanted to do next. I wanted to become a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant.

I told myself that I was going to research the subject for at least six weeks. After a few weeks of being on the phone with dozens of people, it became very clear; those who took LegalNurse.com’s CLNC Certification Program and did what was taught found success! Those who took other courses simply were not successful. I was sold. I became certified by the end of April. My instincts were correct. The CLNC Certification Program was fabulous. The Institute shares everything; they hold nothing back. As time went on, I learned that everything the Institute taught was always right on target.

I was consumed with taking an action step every day and I found myself working full time to launch my legal nurse consulting business. I knew that I was taking a chance. The Institute suggested we not run out and quit our jobs. They actually recommended starting part time as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, especially if our family’s income came from our nursing jobs. I could tell they just wanted us to be careful and not act haphazardly. I felt the confidence in what the Institute was teaching, and as a friend to nursing, I knew that they wanted us to make mindful choices.

Everything was falling into place for me. The timing, the support from my family and the best part − my excitement regarding my nursing career was rejuvenated again.

I decided to invest by exhibiting at a legal conference. My first exhibiting experience was a positive one. I had not done so well when we practiced interviewing with attorneys. I had an opportunity to be up in front of everybody and was very nervous. I decided that I could not afford to be outwardly nervous with attorneys. If I wanted to be a professional, I must present like one. From phone calls to letters to exhibiting at legal conferences, I found that it was really no different than speaking to all of the intellects that I had dealt with throughout my nursing career.

My first case was a free case screening that an attorney won at my exhibit. He actually put two cards in the drawing. The case spanned a period of more than four and a half years. I agreed to write a brief report. I summarized this case identifying its weaknesses and strengths in three pages. I then followed up with my recommendations. I still carry with me and cannot erase the voicemail that this attorney left on my phone. He was so thrilled with my work that he told me he wanted to work with me on other cases. He said that my work was terrific, “second to none.” I was absolutely thrilled. The next day (after he had called me) I received two more calls from attorneys who wanted to discuss my CLNC services. Both of these attorneys have since hired me. I was confident in the meetings and the attorneys said they liked what they heard and were impressed by my work product.

Here’s the ironic part: while meeting for my first paid job, I stated that I required a retainer before starting the work. The attorney immediately asked his assistant to cut me a check. When his assistant came in and asked me for my tax ID number, I immediately turned into a babbling fool. I had forgotten my tax ID number that I had previously memorized. My heart was pounding and I was starting to sweat. I wanted to tear up or maybe even pass out. Why was I suddenly so nervous? Oh my gosh it was finally happening − I was not nervous − I was overcome with excitement! I was really a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant!

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