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I Stepped Out of My Comfort Zone and Love Being a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

by Rochelle Johnson, RN, MSN, FNP-BC, CUNP, CLNC

Rochelle Johnson

I completed LegalNurse.com’s CLNC® Certification Program after a local attorney suggested that I look into a legal nurse consultant job. I had recently torn an article about legal nurse consulting out of my nurse practitioner journal. I considered those two coincidences to be a sign. What a sign it truly was!

I love being a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. My first year consulting part time I made $30,000!

I have an attorney friend who rarely needs Certified Legal Nurse Consultants, but he agreed to let me present myself and my CLNC business to him which I did. He gave me a list of several attorneys to contact and said to use his name. I received cases from two of the attorneys on his list. In appreciation I sent him a Starbucks® gift card.

I attended a legal convention in my home state of Indiana and met a defense attorney for a large insurance firm. He came to my booth four times during the two-day convention! I was nervous and excited and really out of my comfort zone, but I remembered what Vickie taught us: “We Are Nurses and We Can Do Anything!®” I followed up with this attorney one week later and offered to bring lunch to him and his staff and speak to them about how I could assist with his medical-legal related cases. We met for two hours and I left with two cases! I did two comprehensive reports for him. He reviewed my reports and then hired me to develop deposition questions for all of the doctors and parties involved. I ended up billing a total of 70 hours!

That same attorney has now hired me for a death case that involves 3,000 pages of medical records. He told the insurance company that no other consultant will dig into the chart and do the level of work that he needs. He also wants me to prepare interrogatories and deposition questions for everyone he plans to depose.

I am also working on a case for another attorney and have been able to balance work and my business. I love being a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. My first year consulting part time I made $30,000!

I am so thankful to Vickie for teaching me all she knows, for giving me the tools to succeed and for always encouraging and empowering her students. I know it was my choice to take the information and do the work. With anything in life, success takes hard work. I love that I am a success in a profession that I love!

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