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We were having the time of our lives. In one week we got eight cases. My CLNC® career has changed me and my life… I have found my passion!

Feel the Beat of CLNC® Success – Then Get Out and Dance!

by Jan Boswell, RN, MSN, CLNC

Jan Boswell

My partner and I have a motivational saying that hangs in both our offices. It defines success as getting out on the dance floor. Joyce and I have been successfully dancing the CLNC® dance for nearly two years. This is the story of our dance, both the upbeats and the downbeats.

I was a single mother of two when I started noticing the ads in nursing journals: “Earn $125-$150/hr.” Wow! I called for the LegalNurse.com information packet and I was hooked.

The Freedom of Working from Home Was Music to My Ears

Until my divorce I had stayed home with my children, one of whom has severe learning disabilities. My kids were fast approaching their teenage years. They needed me at home. The possibility of being able to work from home and make good money as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant was music to my ears. Now I had to put my toe onto the dance floor. I admit I was scared.

I worked full-time float at the hospital. Many nights I got pulled to CICU where I worked with Joyce who was also thinking about becoming a CLNC consultant. We talked about becoming partners – she could dance the CLNC dance with me.

I ordered the CLNC Certification Program. Although the material seemed challenging at first, I grew more excited with every module I finished. I took my CLNC Certification Exam and passed! That was the first upbeat note of my CLNC dance.

The month after I became a CLNC consultant, Joyce took the CLNC Certification Program and also passed the CLNC Exam. Our music was starting to play.

Our First Big Case Got Us onto the Dance Floor with a $12-Million Verdict

A few weeks after we started our CLNC business, we received our first big case from one of the legends in the local law community. This helped us overcome all our fears. We had to do it. Our  CLNC service made a big contribution to the $12-million verdict our attorney-client won.

Even though we continued to work full time at the hospital that first year, we earned $40,000 from our CLNC business. While the music and the dance were often chaotic, we were having the time of our lives. We never missed a beat of the music. In one week we got eight cases. We just kept working on cases and making money.

Our Ever-Changing CLNC® Dance Keeps Our Successful Business Fun

Currently, we have three attorneys who consult with us regularly. We have consulted on medical malpractice, drug product liability and insurance fraud cases working for both plaintiff and defense attorneys. From case to case, the music changes and the dance is different – that’s what makes our CLNC business so much fun.

I work from home and this makes a tremendous difference for me and my children – we love being together.

Joyce and I are both goal oriented. Our goal this year is to double or triple our income. We let nothing stop us. That’s what it takes to succeed: persistence, faith and action. It’s all about staying on the dance floor and dancing the dance.

Finding My Passion as a CLNC® Consultant Puts a Song in My Heart Every Day

So many people have helped me succeed. Joyce and I keep each other motivated. Of course. The CLNC Mentors are great, and the success stories of my CLNC peers inspire me. But the people who help me the most are my kids. They have given up time with me and never complained. They applaud my successes and pull me through my missteps. They are the reason I am dancing the dance. They are the sweetest music in my life.

My CLNC career has changed me and my life. I see a bright future for myself. The most important change is that I have found my passion. I am happiest when working on a case, calling a client or working on a new marketing strategy. I have a song in my heart all the time.

If you’re wondering whether you can make it as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, just put your toe on the dance floor, listen to the music and dance. You’ll have the time of your life. I am!

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