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Earning $150/hr as a CLNC® Consultant Is Simple and Real*

by Margot G. Lintner, RN, CLNC

Margot G. Lintner

After 16 years of med-surg and 17 years of psych ED, I still love nursing. I wasn’t desperate for a change, but I could tell in my gut something wasn’t quite right. I was beginning to look for my next challenge. The face of nursing had changed and working at the hospital was becoming less desirable. I knew I had to protect myself from burning out.

I left an hour later with the case, retainer and signed contract, plus three referrals.

Vickie’s Photo Was Asking “What Are You Waiting For?”

During a midnight break while reading the northern California nursing journal, I saw an advertisement for Vickie Milazzo Institute’s CLNC® Certification Program. The more I looked at Vickie’s smiling, determined expression and chic, take-charge style, the more intrigued I became.

A few months later I awoke in the middle of the night. Flipping through my trade journals again, I saw Vickie’s picture staring back at me as if to say, “Well, what are you waiting for?”

I woke my husband and showed him the ad, telling him I was really interested in Vickie’s CLNC Certification Program. To my surprise, rather than rolling over with a half-hearted, “That’s nice, dear,” he sat up in bed. Before I knew it, still in our pajamas, we were on the computer visiting

An hour later we were still discussing Vickie’s program. By the wee hours I had decided to purchase the VIP CLNC Success System. “You’ll be great at this,” my husband declared. “You’re going first class, all the way.” And so I set my course.

The next day I called Vickie Milazzo Institute and enrolled. Within a few days the CLNC Certification Program package arrived. I was more excited than Imelda Marcos in a shoe store.

The day before my 52nd birthday, I left for the CLNC Certification Seminar. What a great gift to give myself, my career, my future and my family. I studied passionately and with pride earned my CLNC Certification.

Using Vickie’s 25 Success Steps Created Instant Success

When I returned home, I immediately practiced the “25 Steps to CLNC Success” just as Vickie taught. I followed the suggestions in my Advanced CLNC Practice-Building Programs – I created my slogan, got a business phone, put my promotional packet together and went into downtown San Francisco to be fitted for my first-ever business suit. I was ready to go.

The results were immediate. I mailed out seven promotional packets and two attorneys called back. Thrilled and terrified at the same time, I practiced my attorney-client interview with my husband so often he should have earned an honorary law degree.

I hoped and believed I was ready to meet with my first attorney-client. Before leaving for that appointment, I put on my CLNC pin. I confidently carried my brand new briefcase, affirming I would bring home my first case. I had printed up a contract for services with the date and fees already typed in. I had my work products ready.

In that first interview my unique touch was to be 100% me. You see, I come from a long line of Irish lawyers and French restaurateurs, and my grandmother gave me a way to make myself memorable to prospects. I walked in with a pound cake and a “thank you in advance” note.

I left an hour later with the case, retainer and signed contract, plus three referrals. I couldn’t believe it. I got in my car, drove a few blocks, took off my shiny new shoes and screamed with delight. In my thoughts I thanked Vickie, the Institute’s CLNC Mentors and my grandmother Marguerite. I couldn’t wait to tell my family.

I Expect to Walk Out of the Attorney’s Office with a Case

My good fortune has continued growing steadily. I keep sending out my mailings and keep riding my horse forward. Using Vickie’s three-foot rule, I’ve passed out more cards than a dealer in Vegas.

My next stop was the NACLNC Conference, which gave me some great ideas. I came home with a fire inside. As a result, I’m now preparing three cases for a new attorney-client. My fee is $150/hr. and I received a $2,000.00 retainer for each case.

This is turning out to be a great year. In the words of my daughter, I love being a CLNC consultant “more than a fat boy loves chocolate cake.” My success is based on Vickie’s basic principles:

  • First of all, keep it simple. When I meet with an attorney-prospect, I am just “myself.”
  • I make it a point to reflect the attorney. If I can tell he’s a little playful, I make a joke or two. If he’s all business, so am I. If I see pictures of kids on the desk, they become a brief topic of conversation. I never push it, but I’m very aware of how the attorney presents himself.
  • I gently let the attorney know I plan to work for her. I always bring a small baked good and a “thank you in advance” note. Even before our interview I decide to believe she will give me cases. I also have my paperwork in order with a prepared contract ready to be signed.
  • Finally, I stay humble and grateful for my successes. To the entire team at Vickie Milazzo Institute, “Thank you.” To the CLNC Mentors, “Thank you.” To Vickie, a special “Thank you.”

Yes, Vickie, you were right from day one. I can do this. We can all do this. We can be successful CLNC consultants if we remember to keep it real, keep it humble and keep it successful.

Here’s to your success as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant!

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