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In this video CLNC® consultant, Shequita Moore, RN, MSN, LNFA, CLNC shares the foundation of her success as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. Watch the interview to learn how one case turned into 47 cases with her first attorney-client.

CLNC® Shequita Moore Shares the Foundation of Her Success as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

Video – Shequita Moore, RN, MSN, LNFA, CLNC

Vickie: I’d like to introduce you to Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Shequita Moore. Shequita, thank you so much for joining me here today and for sharing your success as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant.

Shequita: Thanks for having me today Vickie. I’m very excited to be here.

Vickie: What got you motivated to become a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant?

Shequita: Legal nurse consulting is a nursing area of expertise that I’ve been interested in over the years. This past year I sat down and researched legal nurse consulting. I found the Institute, which has provided a great wealth of knowledge and provided the foundation for my success. It also interests me because I have a background in performance improvement, quality improvement and incidents and accidents, which are very intriguing to me.

Vickie: That’s a fantastic background. Basically you saw that you already had some experience in reviewing medical records. You made that connection obviously. How did you overcome your fears of getting started? This is something a lot of RNs face; how did you face it?

Shequita: While researching and looking into the program and once I got started and established my business, there’s always this fear of “What if I don’t get my first case?” or the fear of “What if I’m not successful?” So I used a combination of my motivation and determination, and I combined that with the tools that I learned from the Institute such as setting daily, weekly and monthly goals. Each day I executed a little bit and a little bit more and that established a foundation for my success.

Vickie: Taking action every day. Is that what I heard you say?

Shequita: Yes ma’am. I took action every single day.

Vickie: And that’s what works, isn’t it? Especially when you’re first starting out, I always say it doesn’t really matter what you do. What matters is that you’re doing something every day, so you’re getting into that habit. Obviously you really understand the importance of that. Can you share how you got your first case?

Shequita: My first case was very interesting. I utilized the tools from the Institute. I got the VIP Pro package and I went through the entire program. I did everything by the book. I ordered my supplies and my marketing materials from the Institute. Then I organized it and set it up so that I had my customized business cards and customized brochures. I created an introductory letter and I customized it towards the attorney’s needs. Then I did the mail-call and I got a response within a week. An attorney reached out to me and gave me three cases. I was a little bit overwhelmed when I received my first three cases because I got them out of the blue.

Vickie: So you were overwhelmed and ecstatic all at the same time!

Shequita: I was very happy!

Vickie: Now you had mentioned to me that with this first attorney, you currently have 40 cases you’re working on. Is that right?

Shequita: Yes ma’am. Now it’s 47 cases.

Vickie: Oh, congratulations! Tell me how did you turn that first case into 47? What’s the key here?

Shequita: The key to my success is I worked with this attorney, I established his needs and how I can benefit him, which was what I learned from the Institute. I’m organized, I’m very responsive so when he asks a question or needs something done, I use all the tools I learned and then with my knowledge, I create a quality work product.

Vickie: Congratulations. I always say it’s so much easier to keep a client than to have to go out and find a new client. It sounds like you’ve done an excellent job of fostering the professional relationship with this attorney. That’s a fantastic approach to your legal nurse consulting business. It’s very smart. How much do you charge and what would you say an average budget for a case is?

Shequita: My fee is $125/hr. and usually on the cases that I work on there’s a $5,000 retainer. I consult on big cases, some smaller cases and that’s my fee structure.

Vickie: Okay. What kinds of cases are you working on – medical malpractice, personal injury…

Shequita: I’m currently working on medical malpractice, and in a lot of the cases, residents or patients have expired.

Vickie: So long term care?

Shequita: Long term care cases, COVID cases and a few acute care cases.

Vickie: A little bit of a variety. What do you love most about your legal nurse consulting business?

Shequita: What I love most about my legal nurse consulting business is the flexibility. I also like the challenge, and I like making a difference. I feel like this is a level of expertise that I’ve been looking for and it’s very interesting. It’s a very self-rewarding type of business.

Vickie: Thank you. I love that you said making a difference because you know so many registered nurses got into nursing because they wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. I think it’s in the DNA of a registered nurse, and I love when I hear that you feel like you can make a difference in the legal world. Can you expand on that? How do you believe that you make a difference in the legal world?

Shequita: I strongly believe that I make a difference. As far as my knowledge base, when I look at a case, whether it’s from the plaintiff or defense side, I’m non-biased. I am able to utilize my nursing knowledge and expertise and be able to make a difference no matter what side it’s from.

Vickie: You had previously shared that one of your attorney clients said, “This is exactly what I’m looking for.” How did that make you feel?

Shequita: It made me feel great. It made me feel very happy because I worked really hard, extremely hard researching, making sure I put together a quality work product work and making sure I gave something the attorney can benefit from. So when he told me that’s exactly what he was looking for I was very excited. And when I reflect back and look at the first work product that I turned in, I’ve gotten 100 times better.

Vickie: Wonderful. One thing that I have noticed about you is you look like that kind of registered nurse that’s always striving to get better at whatever it is you do. And I think that’s the key to success. Don’t you think that it’s at least one of the keys?

Shequita: Yes ma’am. I totally agree.

Vickie: How would you say your CLNC business has changed your life or changed you personally?

Shequita: In my CLNC business I feel like I’ve grown personally and professionally. It’s provided me with that growth and then also that autonomy to make a difference. I’m able to go at my own pace and work on cases when I want to work and have the flexibility to spend time with my children.

Vickie: How would you say being a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant and owning your own business is different from working inside the health care system?

Shequita: It’s a lot different. My current role was a nurse executive and vice president of clinical services in long term care skilled nursing. When you’re working in the structured environment, everything is by the minute, everything is by the hour. Same thing with your legal nurse consulting business; it is also structured, but it’s how you make it. It’s customizing how you want your business to be. So like you said before, I always want to be the best and I always want to make sure that I provide quality work, just like when I was in the field providing quality resident care. Your business reflects you.

Vickie: What I heard you say is you’re more in control over your day. It doesn’t mean you don’t have to satisfy your attorney clients and meet their requests, but you get to have a little more control over that.

Shequita: Right, you have a lot more flexibility.

Vickie: You had previously shared with me that when you got your first case you were almost in a bit of a panic and intimidated. But I know that you sought out mentoring. How did the mentoring make a difference, and does it still impact your CLNC business today?

Shequita: The CLNC Mentors have been great. They have assisted me to provide a foundation of my success so when I received my first three cases, I was in a panic. I knew to do what I learned from the Institute, but there’s a big difference between learning it and doing it. I just wanted to make sure that what I learned and what I was going to do actually matched up and that it was going to meet what the attorney needed. The CLNC Mentors have been very helpful. I’ve reached out a few times to the mentors and they’ve guided me in the right direction, and they’ve also helped me build my confidence. I’ve always been a confident person, but when you’re doing something new, going from this area of nursing to another area of nursing, anything that’s new is always going to feel different. You have to get into it until you find your way. So they’ve helped me find my way.

Vickie: That’s fantastic – direction and confidence. I know one of the things the CLNC Mentors pride themselves in is sometimes giving the CLNC consultants a bit of a nudge to keep moving forward and to take on those challenges that they’re a little worried that they might not be able to really take on. What is your definition of success?

Shequita: My definition of success is giving your all. I always work hard at achieving positive outcomes. Not to say you won’t stumble along the way. Not to say you don’t have difficult moments and sometimes what you feel is failure. You learn from those experiences, and then you make them and you build them into positive experiences and utilize them into your practice.

Vickie: I love that definition and I love that you are already working in a very grand way towards your success. Thanks again for sharing your success with all of us.

Shequita: Thank you for having me.

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