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When Mimi Tambellini, RN, CLNC, was researching becoming a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant she saw the different program options and thought, ‘I’m going to do the VIP CLNC Certification System because of all the benefits that it offers.

CLNC Consultant Mimi Tambellini, RN, CLNC, Discusses the Importance of Business Templates and Mentoring in Growing Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business

Video – Mimi Tambellini, RN, CLNC

Vickie: This is Mimi Tambellini, Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. You and I were talking about how an RN who wants to get into legal nurse consulting needs to go all in, not just dip their foot in the water.

Mimi: When I was researching becoming a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant I saw the different program options. I thought, “I’m going to do the VIP CLNC Certification System because of all the benefits that it offers.” I love the mentoring. I love all the information on the website and I tell people all the time there’s resources upon resources upon resources. And the templates make it a turnkey business. The key is that you have the tools, you just have to be the one to go and make it happen.

Vickie: Yes. And today we were in Consultant 2.0 with Stedman Graham and that’s one of the things we were talking about in the group. That to have a successful business you have to have information. That’s what the VIP CLNC Certification System is about and even the Basic CLNC Certification System. But then it’s up to you. I know you’ve already been doing this, but it’s up to that new RN to take that information, make it their own and do something with it. If you start with the templates and the information, it makes it a lot easier.

Mimi: I totally agree with you, Vickie. Because once you start with an attorney, you get a little bit nervous and you think “What am I going to say?” Well, you already have the system and you just have to plug in the specifics. I actually have a friend that I talked into coming down to one of your conferences here next month. She asked me, “What do you think I should do?” I told her, “You have to go with the VIP CLNC Certification System. You just have to do it. You won’t regret it.” Every single case that I’ve worked on, I’ve used the CLNC Mentors and they’ve all been fabulous. On a tissue injury case they gave me the resources, and I was able to have this case settled where the attorney would otherwise have turned it away.

Vickie: That’s awesome. Thank you for commenting on the CLNC Mentors. We definitely love the CLNC Mentors. They care about all of you and your success. I’m glad it makes a difference.

Mimi: All of them have responded very, very quickly because they know how important it is when you’re trying to get something back to an attorney, and you’re waiting for someone to call you back. They’re just wonderful.

Vickie: Yes, they’re all over it.

Mimi: They are!

Vickie: They’re all very successful at what they do, so they’re not just giving theoretical information.

Mimi: They’re in it! They’re in the trenches!

Vickie: They’re in the trenches and they’re helping you down there in the trenches.

Mimi: I appreciate that.

Vickie: Thank you, we appreciate you.

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