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Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, Lisa Feather turned a tragedy into building a legal nurse consulting business and working on 100 legal nurse consultant jobs.

CLNC Consultant Lisa Feather Reveals How She Turned a Tragedy into 100 Legal Nurse Consultant Jobs

Video – Lisa Feather, RN, BSN, PA-C, FMCSA ME, CLNC

In this CLNC Success Story Video, meet Lisa Feather, RN, BSN, PA-C, FMCSA ME, CLNC who returned from a leave of absence to find she no longer had an RN job after 32 years of service for the same healthcare facility. Watch the video or read the transcript below to learn how she turned a tragedy into building a legal nurse consulting business and working on 100 legal nurse consultant jobs.

Vickie: This is Lisa Feather, Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. Lisa had been practicing in nursing for 32 years when something tragic happened, but that tragedy led to good things. So Lisa, tell us about it.

Lisa: I am a physician’s assistant and I worked for 32 years for one single healthcare organization. I sacrificed many hours and weekends. Looking back I sacrificed time with my kids, my health and then we had a personal family tragedy. I came back from leave of absence to find that I no longer had an RN job.

From that I find now that it was probably one of God’s blessings. It gave me time to reflect on what was really important in my life. I was discouraged with the healthcare system and had already taken the CLNC Certification Program from LegalNurse.com. I dabbled in legal nurse consulting, but I wasn’t doing it seriously. Now all at once I had no job, so I had the opportunity to get out and really work my legal nurse consultant business.

The thing that impressed me about the CLNC Certification Program is that it is a turnkey system and curriculum. What that means to me is that it gave me all the tools to be successful. I think what a lot of people do is they stop there. They think that you take the course and it’s all going to happen.

Vickie: No, you have to do something.

Lisa: You have to do it. And so what I did with those tools was to personalize and put them into action. And you find what works for you and you market intentionally for what you’re looking for. I have exhibited about ten times.

At first I was all over the place. I went to workers’ comp. I went to trial lawyers. And I went to small business conferences. And then it’s like “I know this isn’t where I need to be.” So I figured out where I needed to be, and that’s where I’m putting all my energy.

Vickie: That’s beautiful. So one of the things that helped you to be successful is finding that focus. And that’s so important isn’t it? A lot of times I know I’ll mentor people and they’re trying to accomplish too much without focus and as a result they’re not getting anything accomplished. If you just bring it down to a focus, that’s when you can be more successful. And you can add pillars. You can add more, but sometimes you’ve got to start with one thing and focus there.

Lisa: Daily looking at your goals and then reevaluating. I use the Core Curriculum for Legal Nurse Consulting® textbook like the Bible. I really do! I would journal and write down my goals. But then you always have to go back and reevaluate.

I found that helpful on a lot of different issues. For example, if I email an attorney and forget to document it, I can always go back to that journal and say I did call on that day. It gives you a self-accomplishment feeling that I didn’t waste the day. I really did accomplish something today.

Vickie: Yes, I love that because I define success as stepping out for what you want. It’s not getting the case. It’s stepping out to ask the attorney for the case. If you’re doing something every day then you’re successful. And that helps to push you to do something the next day and the day after.

Now one thing that I know about you Lisa is you’re pretty serious about your work and I’ve seen some of your legal nurse consulting work product and you kick butt with it. But I also know that you can be a little shy and you have to put yourself out there in front of these attorneys, which I know for many people is a hard thing to do. So what motivates you? What are you saying to yourself when you’re putting yourself out there even though it might not feel the most comfortable.

Lisa: I was considered an expert in my field. I did ER for 30 years. I’ve taught, I’ve spoken nationally. And all at once I’m going to attorneys offices and they’re asking, “What do you have to offer me?” So I just made a determination that I do have something to offer. I just have to get in the mode and convince the attorney what I know and what he needs to know about me.

At one particular exhibit I was at, I paid for a premium spot and got stuck in the corner and nobody was coming to my booth. So I went and I talked to the person who had put on the exhibit and I said, “Hey, I’m not getting any traffic.” And he said, “Well, we can move you.” So we just picked up and I moved to a different spot. I still didn’t get any traffic! So I asked, “Can I go in the session room and hand out cards?”  And he said, “Oh no, that’s not allowed. But you can sit outside the door.” So I stood outside the door and every person that came through the door I handed him my card and I told him my short elevator speech and that I had a booth right outside the door and I would love to talk to them. At the next break I had 25-30 attorneys come.

The following day I got a phone call from an attorney who said, “I just wanted to congratulate you.”  I asked, “For what?” and he said, “I have never seen an exhibitor work the crowd as hard as you did.”

Vickie: Congratulations! So you don’t have to be an extravert or be the most outgoing person. You just have to know who you are, what your expertise is and want to help these attorneys. If you come from that mindset of service, which I know you do, then they get that and they appreciate it. That’s impressive.

Lisa: And that particular attorney I have now done five cases for him. Since I’ve gotten serious about my legal nurse consulting business I have done about a 100 cases and I have attorneys in ten different states.

Vickie: Congratulations, that’s really exciting! Thank you for sharing that with all of us.

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