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If not for the CLNC Certification Program, I would not have known what to charge or how to prepare. My fee for testifying more than paid for the course.

Becoming a CLNC® Consultant Pushed My Business to Explosive Levels

by Susan LaFollette, RN, BSN, CDMS, CLNC

When I did bedside nursing, I worked with a nurse who limped down the halls on her rounds due to arthritis in her hips. It scared me to imagine myself like that in 40 years. I realized I had to find a career that wasn’t so tough on my body. I had worked hard to become a nurse and enjoyed the satisfaction of my profession. I found what I was looking for when I became a case manager for insurance companies consulting on workers’ compensation, auto, long-term disability and catastrophic cases.

I Needed More

The first case management company I worked for offered legal nurse consulting services. I had seen articles about legal nurse consulting and thought it might be interesting. I spoke with a legal nurse consultant, and she told me she sometimes had to testify. At the time, this discouraged me from becoming a legal nurse consultant. I become tongue-tied and cotton-mouthed when I’m nervous, and I knew testifying would make me nervous.

In my many years as a case manager, the insurance company’s attorney occasionally had me review cases for medical issues. I wish I had taken the CLNC Certification Program prior to these assignments. My supervisors had no clue what to do in these situations, so I basically made it up as I went along. Let’s just say I wouldn’t put those reports in my marketing packet today. Nevertheless, these projects fascinated me. I also realized I didn’t need to testify in order to provide a valuable service to attorneys.

As the years passed, I became my own boss and started doing case management independently. I loved the autonomy. As most businesses do, mine started out slowly. When I felt the need to add another service, I thought again of becoming a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant.

The CLNC® Certification Program Was My Missing Link to Success

Finally I purchased the CLNC Certification Program and took the CLNC Certification Exam.

Being a CLNC consultant has made me a better case manager. I attribute the success of my case management business to the program. It has made me aware of issues I didn’t focus on before. With my expanded perspective, my caseload has exploded. My case management services better prepare the insurance company for court hearings.

Recently, an insurance adjuster asked me to review a file for medical issues. For this project I used the report writing skills I had learned in my CLNC training, and my report showed it. It was more impressive and the positive comments I received were quite rewarding.

My real success occurred when I was asked to testify about a workers’ compensation case I had worked. My cotton-mouthed nightmare was about to become reality. If not for the CLNC Certification Program, I would not have known what to charge or how to prepare. My fee for testifying more than paid for the course. I confidently took the stand. What I thought would be a nightmare became a fascinating learning experience, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

I will be forever grateful to the Institute as you provided the missing link I needed. I highly recommend this program for all nurses, no matter what their career goals. Thank you for pushing my business over the line of success.

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