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The presentation was attended by 74 attorneys. Within a week I started to receive referrals and cases.

Acting on My Intuition Opened Doors to Medical Malpractice Cases and Expanded My Legal Nurse Consulting Business

by Margaret M. Gallagher, RN, BSN, MSN, CLNC

An email titled Send This to Everyone in New York Who Handles Nursing Malpractice Cases was forwarded to me by one of my attorney-clients. The author was the managing partner of New York City’s largest medical malpractice firm. For the last six years, I had been trying to think of a creative way to get referrals from this firm. The Legal Nurse Consultant blog on intuitive vision was still fresh in my mind. I knew immediately that I had to stop reviewing a complex medical record, put the day’s usual business on hold and focus on this potential opportunity.

This partner described a complex home health care case that had been won by the defense and just reversed by the appellate court. Essentially the court opined that the RN who administered an IV steroid as ordered by the physician was negligent for failing to ensure that epinephrine, which was not ordered by the physician, was available in case the patient experienced anaphylactic shock. I decided to reach out to the medical malpractice firm – I got a little playful and titled my email My Two Cents. I stated my opinion in a succinct, professional manner.

To my surprise, the response came in the form of an immediate phone call from the partner himself. My CLNC education from LegalNurse.com prepared me to deliver my two-minute unique selling position (USP). I was thrilled to be invited to discuss my experience with nursing chain-of-command issues at the law firm.

The attorney scheduled a full hour with me prior to the presentation, and after 15 minutes, he called the RN in charge of coordinating nurse expert reviews. He said, “Put Margaret at the top of the list for expert reviews.”

The presentation was attended by 74 attorneys who work solely with medical malpractice cases. Within a week of that presentation, I started to receive referrals and cases.

Acting on my intuition that day not only opened the door to an ongoing opportunity, but also helped me to grow my CLNC business even more.

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