CLNC® Success Stories

Certified Legal Nurse Consultants all have our own unique day-to-day experiences and each of us has our own amazing possibilities.

A Day in the Life of Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Jorie Akins

by Jorie Akins, RN, BSN, TNCC, ECRN, CLNC

My experience as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant is probably not typical as I’m still working three 12-hour shifts a week as a clinical nurse in the emergency department. On my days off I focus on growing my CLNC® business.

I begin my day at 8:00am and the first thing I do is check my work-related emails and messages. Next I focus on projects that help to build and maintain my CLNC business such as working on cases, staying in front of my current attorney-clients, marketing to new attorney-prospects and studying the extremely valuable resources available in the NACLNC® Association. There is a great deal to learn and absorb from this material and I find it helpful to listen to the resources more than once. I am easily able to listen to a recording on the drive to work. I stay fresh and continually incorporate being in touch with all things CLNC-related.

Another important strategy I’ve found valuable is surrounding myself with mentors on both ends of the business spectrum. I recently hired my niece who has extensive public relations experience to review my website and resume to keep a fresh, young vibe in my professional presentation. Four times a year I meet with a retired business professional from the SCORE organization to give me insight from someone who has owned and operated their own successful business and who can advise me from that valuable vantage point.

One interesting aspect of owning your own business is that accomplishing one task splinters into five or ten additional tasks that also need to be done to complete that one original task. Basically your work is never done, but that’s the exciting part. When all the countless tasks you’ve done start adding up and taking shape you can actually appreciate a solid CLNC business has formed under your feet. For some of us this process happens at a break-neck speed and some of us brick by brick.

Being a CLNC consultant is a specialty where all of your nursing knowledge, creativity, talents and your absolute dedication to go the distance are channeled in one amazing place under your very own CLNC roof with your name on it. Certified Legal Nurse Consultants all have our own unique day-to-day experiences and each of us has our own amazing possibilities. As the Institute teaches, “We Are Nurses and We Can Do Anything!”®

Small action steps matter. They provide momentum. Momentum creates movement. Movement leads to progress. Progress leads to CLNC success. Then you repeat the process again the next day, the next week and so forth. This has been the most rewarding lesson of all.

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