Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tech Tip: XP Users Protect Yourselves!

All Certified Legal Nurse Consultants know that Microsoft’s support for Windows XP has XPired. This means that Microsoft will no longer issue bug fixes or updated protection from “exploits” that fiends will (and have) most certainly develop. Does this make XP inherently unsafe? Not necessarily. As I mentioned before, so long as you STOP USING Internet Explorer as your web browser, you can surf the web fairly safely with either Google’s Chrome browser or Mozilla’s Firefox browser.

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tech Tip: Are You Ready for Windows XPiration?

On April 8, 2014 Microsoft® will stop supporting and updating its popular Windows® XP operating system. To the average person this may sound like it’s “going out of warranty.” But to the computer savvy Certified Legal Nurse Consultant this should be terrifying. Once Bill Gates signs the death warrant on XP there will be no more security or other updates – XP will become a security nightmare.  Even CERT – part of the Department of Homeland Security – has warned that after April 8 anyone running XP and using Internet Explorer as their web browser will be at high risk. CERT didn’t go so far as to urge you to abandon XP, instead they simply recommended changing to an alternative browser such as Firefox®.


As a CLNC® consultant you have a duty to do what is necessary to keep your computer files secure. While I don’t recommend going to extremes such as engaging in hard drive encryption, I do recommend installing security patches and Windows updates when they become available. XP users won’t have that privilege or luxury anymore.

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Certified Legal Nurse Consultants – Show Me Your Desktops!

Every Certified Legal Nurse Consultant I’ve ever met who uses Windows XP® knows the utility of using that small Show Desktop button that resides in the Quick Launch section of their Windows Taskbar. I’ve always found it a handy option – the ability to instantly clear my screen by clicking one little icon. It frees you from having to minimize multiple windows in order to find that one legal nurse consulting file that you’ve saved to your Desktop. But, like all taskbar icons, it can get deleted and we become lost without it.

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Give Your Legal Nurse Consulting PC the Boot (Faster)!

I don’t know how often you reboot your computer, but between trips from my home dock to my work dock and work back to home, I probably reboot mine about twelve times a week. Some Certified Legal Nurse Consultants leave their computers running all the time, while others put their computers to sleep at night. I’ve blogged about the difference between sleeping and hibernating (ask your husband) and the need to reboot to combat the occasional memory leak, but I’ve never discussed one of the pitfalls of rebooting – and that’s the time it takes.

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Why Does Windows Tell a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Not to Delete a File?

Last week I explained to Certified Legal Nurse Consultants how to delete a file when Windows® won’t let you. This week, I want to remind you that it’s a good idea to do an occasional spring or early summer cleaning of your documents, photos, folders and files. Take some time and make sure you find all the legal nurse consulting flotsam and jetsam (not to mention detritus and other cosmic debris).

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: How Open Do You Keep Your Windows Wide Open?

Every Certified Legal Nurse Consultant running a variation of Windows probably has at least one program that, instead of opening up to a full-screen view, pops up in a smaller window, a portion of a window or is just a quarter of its normal size. You then click it to full-size, do your work and when you’re done, close the program. Next time you open it that same day, it comes up full-size, or not. The next time you open it after a restart of your computer, it opens full-size, or not. Therein lies the rub, it’s not consistent, at least not as consistent as your other Windows programs.

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Windows® 7 – What’s New for Legal Nurse Consultants and How You Can Get Win7 Features Without Upgrading!

Windows 7 came out last week and the Windows world is buzzing about its cool new features. Some of these features are familiar to Windows Vista users and are slightly upgraded. Other features are new and will be useful to legal nurse consultants while some are just cool. The new Win7 delivers a lot of highly technical upgrades and security upgrades plus one really cool upgrade – the ability to create “Libraries” which are collections of files of the same type, no matter what directories they’re stored in on your hard drive (it shows all your photos – no matter where stored). Let’s take a quick look at the coolest upgrades I’m excited about and how the average Windows XP or Windows Vista user can get them without suffering through the upgrade to Win7.

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: It’s Almost Time for Windows® 7! Are You Ready? Should You Be? Do You Care?

Windows 7 will officially be released into the wild on October 22 and will be sold with new computers. If you’ll remember, Windows XP is no longer officially supported by Microsoft (although it will be available for limited purchases until 2010). People who are buying new computers with Windows Vista will be given the opportunity to make a free or low-cost upgrade. That’s the news.

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Data Recovery for Legal Nurse Consultants

Let’s face it, every CLNC consultant (or their significant others) has accidentally deleted files at one time or another. And, immediately following the injudicious use of the “delete” key, we’ve all wished we had at least one of those files back. In Windows, recovering a deleted file can sometimes be as simple as looking in the Recycle Bin to see if it’s still there and then clicking “Restore” to put it back into its original location. But when the file you’ve deleted was on a USB flash drive or on a camera’s media card, recovery is a little more difficult.

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