Americans Stay Home! The Lives of RNs and All Healthcare Providers Depend on You.

Americans Stay Home! The Lives of RNs and All Healthcare Providers Depend on You.

I’ve discussed the current lack of PPE in healthcare and the risk to the frontline providers and the healthcare system at large. There is, however, another contributing factor that could lead us over the precipice and into unmitigated disaster if we don’t get the spread of Coronavirus under control real soon. And that’s the people who continue to selfishly interact with others when it’s not necessary.

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you a joyful season and a stocking filled with your heart’s desires.

Let’s All Celebrate National Nurses Week Together!

This week we celebrate and recognize nurses of every nursing specialty, job description and nationality. We do so knowing that registered nurses are called to almost every job we can imagine. RNs hold nursing jobs in insurance companies, hospitals, clinics, offices, foreign aid, fitness, wellness, prisons and as Certified Legal Nurse Consultants, just to name a few. And then there are our family and friends to whom we’re often both RN and physician.

An RN’s Right to Refuse to Treat an Ebola Patient – And the Consequences

Over the past few weeks I have received emails and private messages from registered nurses throughout the U.S. asking me about their rights to refuse to treat an Ebola patient at their RN job. I have also been on national television with Stuart Varney of Varney Co. to bring attention to this very issue.

The State of Ebola Hospital Preparedness 41 Days Later

It’s been 41 days since Thomas Eric Duncan presented as the first Ebola patient to be diagnosed (and misdiagnosed) on American soil. I’ve been on national TV four times to address hospital preparedness for Ebola and I am in deep gratitude to the 500 registered nurses throughout the U.S. who took your time to share what you know about the state of hospital preparedness.

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