Happy Nurses Week to the Heroes of Healthcare

Happy Nurses Week to the Heroes of Healthcare

It’s Nurses Week and with the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has finally caught on to what I discovered at age 18 when my dad was in the hospital for open heart surgery. While the surgeon was certainly important, it was the nurses who were the real heroes of my dad’s recovery. They were with my dad every moment, guiding him through a successful post-op recovery.

Happy Nurses Week Takes on New Meaning During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Happy Nurses Week Takes on New Meaning During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Today marks the beginning of Nurses Week which always holds a special place in my heart. I love nurses and I love that for a whole week (not just a day) we all get to express our gratitude for and awe of nurses. After all, nurses give so much of themselves. What other profession, in the normal course of performing its job, doesn’t get to eat, use the bathroom or take a break and sometimes even gives its lives for the very people it’s serving?

Vickie Milazzo's Thoughts for Success

Thoughts for Success: To Be Touched by a Nurse Is to Behold Humanity at Its Best

My love story with nurses started decades ago and I’ve been inspiring nurses with my mantra “We Are Nurses and We Can Do Anything!®” ever since. It’s true, registered nurses can do anything – after all we save lives by making split second decisions that often mean the difference between life and death.

8 Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Prove Why the World Celebrates Nurses Week

8 Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Prove Why the World Celebrates Nurses Week

Happy Nurses Week to all RNs and CLNC® Consultants. In honor of Nurses Week I invite you to celebrate Certified Legal Nurse Consultants and the value you each bring to your attorney-clients. Here are just a few CLNC consultant examples of how you all make a difference in the cases and clients represented by attorneys.

Celebrate National Nurses Week

Most presidents only get a day, if any, but it’s no surprise that our nation needs a whole week to honor all of the selfless acts RNs engage in every day. Nurses make life and death decisions and you do so in the middle of the night. Not to mention you do things that make civilians (and some doctors) faint. You have the ability to quickly assess and take control of any situation.

RNs are found in every sector of the economy – corporations, schools, offices, insurance companies, entrepreneurs – not just hospitals. We come from every country on Earth. I’ve met incredible nurses and aspiring nurses from the Philippines, Rwanda, England, India, Canada and Russia, just to name a few. Whatever our nationality, education or nursing position, we all bring unique skills and expertise to our RN jobs.

Whether your role as an RN is Certified Legal Nurse Consultant (my favorite 🙂 ), hospital RN, long term care RN, RN educator, RN researcher or any other role, it’s our week. Let’s celebrate together and toast each other by appreciating our differences and recognizing our similarities. Happy Nurses Week!

I’m Just Celebrating!

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