CLNC Success Story: Exhibiting, Researching and Networking Pay Off Big for This Resourceful Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

CLNC® Success Story: Exhibiting, Researching and Networking Pay Off Big for This Resourceful Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Susan Schaab, RN, BSN, CLNC shares the legal nurse consulting success she achieved while exhibiting at a legal conference. Susan learned that an attorney for a large outdoor resort company had stopped by her booth but missed her. Determined not to miss out on this major attorney-prospect, she crafted a plan to meet the attorney at a networking dinner that evening.

Legal Nurse Consultant Success Story

CLNC® Success Story: My Recent Exhibiting Experience – What a Win!

I recently exhibited with a CLNC Mentor at a legal conference in Indianapolis. What a win! The entire experience was so organized from beginning to end, including the call with Vickie Milazzo Institute providing the info I needed to exhibit effectively, to the follow-up reminders from the Institute after exhibiting. The organization and support from the institute has made the whole process of exhibiting easy and fun, which are two things that I didn’t expect on my first big public outing as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant to be.

6 Easy Ways to Network Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business with Successful People

In the past I’ve blogged about an important strategy for legal nurse consultants – networking with power players. While you’ll probably only know or meet a few power players in your lifetime, there are a large and varied group of successful professionals in all the right places who can connect you with attorneys and even a power player or two.

Go Big or Go Home for Legal Nurse Consulting Jobs

When I did the book tour for my New York Times bestseller Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman, I spoke to so many business and networking groups (large and small) that I lost count. I signed a lot of books and ate a lot of bad meals that I don’t remember, but one memory still stands out today. I still remember vividly how many of those business groups were ineffective. Networking, is all so frequently, NOT working.

A Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Reveals Her Most Successful Strategy

Every Certified Legal Nurse Consultant is unique and every CLNC® business is different. But one thing all Certified Legal Nurse Consultants share is a favored marketing strategy – networking. Not every CLNC consultant exhibits or speaks at legal conferences, but every legal nurse consultant networks.

25 Ways to Network Your Way to CLNC® Success − Part 1

EDITOR’S NOTE: Certified Legal Nurse Consultants market to attorneys in a wide variety of ways. However, only one strategy is free, effective and used by ALL CLNC consultants – networking. You’ll become a wiser networker with the help of our CLNC Pros. We asked these experts to share their best strategies for networking your way to CLNC success.

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