Tom's Tech Tips

Tom’s Tech Tip: Same Tickets – Different Shows

Over the Christmas holiday Vickie and I attended the Broadway show “No Man’s Land” starring two of my favorite actors – Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart. We purchased our tickets late and so were sitting back a little further in the theatre than I normally prefer. Also, my contacts were a little dry and dirty after a day on the streets of New York City. And did I mention I was a little sleepy? Why am I making these excuses? Simple – because of what comes next.

Certified Legal Nurse Consultants: Be Wary of Premature Opinions

Certified Legal Nurse Consultants: Be Wary of Premature Opinions

When analyzing medical records as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant one thing is certain – medical records lead to more medical records. Sometimes it’s the additional records that hold the answers to the issues in the case. Savvy CLNC consultants don’t jump the gun, delivering opinions prematurely.

My First Case Came Down the Chimney with Santa

The one case I’ll always remember is my first case. Two days before Christmas, a defense attorney hired me to consult on a breast cancer case. On Christmas Eve a large box of records was delivered to my door.

16 Strategies for Screening Medical-Related Cases Effectively and Efficiently as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

Screening medical-related cases is one of the most important legal nurse consulting services you will provide as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. Not only is it one of my favorite CLNC services but it is the first CLNC service you usually provide for new attorney-clients. Do it well and the attorneys keep coming back for more. Here are 16 screening strategies to keep your attorney-clients coming.

My Most Memorable CLNC® Case

My Most Memorable CLNC® Case: First Time Testifying and the Jury Smiled on Our Case

My most memorable case occurred when I testified for the very first time. I had been a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant for about a year. The case was a will contest. The client was the daughter of an elderly woman who had passed away in a skilled facility. About 72 hours prior to her death, the son (the client’s brother) had the will altered so that he would inherit most of the estate. The changes to the will were made by an attorney. The son then took the will to the facility and had his mother sign it with a notary (a friend of his) present and another witness (his sister-in-law). The estate was worth around $1,000,000.00.

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Dump Your Fax

We all have goals of saving money. Do you want to learn a great way to save over $400 in 2009? Save yourself the expense of a dedicated fax line with a cheap Duplex Wall Jack Adapter ($2.51 on and plug your phone and fax machine into that adapter.

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